Monday, November 14, 2016

Make it Blissful at Avida Serin

As I attend another Avida event, I can't help but think if this is already a sign that we should get our own home. Haha! Of course I was day dreaming. But most things start in dreaming, right?(: This time, I was able to experience one of Avida's latest project in the South, Avida Serin. Located in the heart of Tagaytay City, Avida Serin promises to give you a comfortable stay as you enjoy and inhale the cool breeze of this wonderful city. 

Avida: Southern Living

Martine de Luna of Make it Blissful

Martine introduced to us Avida's project here in Tagaytay, Avida Serin. She toured us inside their showroom and we were all amazed by how they designed and maximized the space of the condo. Small living is easy living. Easier to clean, more bonding with the family and more time to relax and do productive things.

Dinning Room

Living Room


"Live everyday like a VACATION" (:

After the showroom tour, we had a short drive to Balay Dako for the next part of the gathering, the Styling Workshop. Everyone was excited to learn a thing ow two from the Blissful Queen herself, Martine and her special guest.

Live Inspired

The table setup was really lovely and filled with so much love! For me, every little detail counts. It really made me feel special that they took the time to create this kind of setup.

Our cute table setup

Me and Peach plus the millenials!

It was so nice to catch up with my good friend, Peachy and share a table with these lovely millenial bloggers. I feel so old! Haha (:

Home <3

Lovely blooms and plus cold brew coffee!

The food at Balay Dako was really good. This is my second time to dine here and it did not disappoint. 

Food was yummy (as expected) (:

Busy (eating) bloggers :-p

As we enjoy the food, we also get to relax and unwind as we gaze at this beautiful view. Tagaytay is really a place where you can just sit and forget about life.


Shophouse Coffee Co.

Shop House Coffee Co. was there and they taught us how we can make our own coffee without using a coffee maker. It takes time, but it's a great experience and conversation starter especially if you have a small gathering at home.

Martine with her partner and owner of Shophouse Coffee Co., Ton

Props for table styling

After the coffee talk, Martine introduced to us Maricel, the owner of A Sweet Cottage. She does party setups and has this cool product: Party in a Box which includes props and stuff to help you setup your own party at home! 

Maricel shared with us tips and tricks on how we can start our own table setting adventures at home! I learned that every setting reflects our personality. It is also nice to put little details which will make our guests feel at home. She said that it is best to start with white (color) and from there you can easily add colors. She also told us that while it is tempting to shop and shop for props (it rhymes! haha!), it is best to keep in mind that we should only buy things that we find beautiful AND useful. Our setup also need not be perfect, it is important that it is styled with love.

Maricel Mendoza of A Sweet Cottage

More props for table styling

We had a little game again of table setup and we got the Tea Party theme! It was so nice working with my team mates arranging each piece and making everything work together.

Party in a Box by A Sweet Cottage

Our table setup!

With my "team" (: (Photo c/o: Mafae B.)

Wonderful goodies from awesome sponsors! Thank you!

It was indeed a blissful afternoon as we all gathered and shared our thoughts and skills over some good food and the cool Tagaytay breeze.

A lovely afternoon with these ladies (Photo c/o: Mafae B.)

Make it Blissful at Avida Serin

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