Thursday, November 24, 2016

Baguio EATS: Oh My Gulay!

As I was searching for the best places to eat in Baguio, Oh My Gulay! always came up as a favorite. So before we left, we had our lunch at this artistic place! 

Oh My Gulay! is actually located at the 5th floor (yes, 5th! NO ELEVATOR) of the La Azotea Bldg. in Session Road. My companions were complaining as I dragged them to climb the 5 storey bldg., but all our efforts paid off when we saw the place. Grabe. Artist or not, you'll love the "feels" once you enter the restaurant. I don't know how they did it, but it seems like you've entered a different world while still having that Baguio vibes.

Food was good! We loved it! Price was just right and the serving was huge. I think one plate is good for 2-3 persons. So order away! And please try to relax and enjoy the place and appreciate all the art that's surrounding you.

Interesting pieces


Look at that view (and ambiance)


Hi Mig!

Yes they have this mini pond inside!

Iced Tea

Their version of Pancit Canton---MUST-TRY!!

Club House Sandwich


Everyone's hAngry! Haha (:

Baguio EATS: Oh My Gulay!


  1. This is one of the places I hang out at with friends whenever I go home to Baguio. Called this as our sacred haven. Hee hee.. Haven't visited this place for some time now though but already planning to hang out with a few friends come December when I go home for vacation.

    1. Hello Liz! The place is lovely!(: I love Baguio! If only we can stay a bit longer... Can you recommend other go-to places?