Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Baguio EATS: La Casa Bianca

After our 10 hour drive to Baguio, we were all so hungry and tired and just wanted to relax and eat our hearts out! Haha! I did my research prior to our trip and La Casa Bianca made it on my list! La Casa Bianca is a hotel, spa and cafe all in one place. The cozy feels made us slow down and appreciate everything around us. Yes, including the nice view and green hues!

The cafe

You can also dine al fresco

Whether you choose to dine inside or outside, the cool air will surely take away all the stress (from driving haha!) and calm your restless minds...

Can you feel the Christmas breeze?(:

Baguio ain't complete without this!

They're hungry!!

Time to eat!

Still not a foodie expert, the food was okay. Serving is actually good for 2 pax! Felt really full after our meal so we just stayed for a while and enjoyed the scenery.

Tuyo Pasta


MigMig and his Chocolate Pot Cake

Lovely, lovely view! (:

FUN FACT: The white house behind hubby is actually the famous Laperal White House! Yes, "the" white house you see on Filipino horror films! 

You should also check out their rooms and spa services!

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Baguio EATS: La Casa Bianca

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