Monday, September 26, 2016

The Farm Shed Cafe

Hidden within Sta.Elena in Sta.Rosa Laguna and beside the (magical) Acacia Waldorf School is a tiny cafe filled with all sorts of beautiful, handmade and lovely things. Each one was carefully created by the owner (oh yes! Including the coffee and food!) which will make you feel warm and comfy on the inside. Time flies when you're inside The Farm Shed Cafe. I get to read and finish chapters of my book while sipping my warm, delicious cup of tea. Your creative side will be unleashed as you get the chance to join some of their Art Workshops (which I regularly sign up for!).

Enter (:

The Farm Shed Cafe just before 8AM

Lovely isn't it?

 Little Nook of Books

 Homey Feels!!

 See that wall art? The owner drew that! Amazing!!

 Organic Food by: Holy Carabao

The Farm Shed Cafe also sells local (healthy and organic) produce by Holy Carabao and other small businesses which make good and useful products. Yes, by useful I mean, handmade journals and beeswax crayons! There is also a regular delivery of tuna sandwiches, freshly baked breads and delicious cakes and muffins from some of the parents of the school. You will really feel at home when you enter this place!

 My favorite spot (:

 Coffee or Tea?

Can you see the lovely owner at the right? That's Molly!(: She is the creative mind behind this amazing place! Say "hi!" to her the next time you drop by!

 Lemongrass Tea! <3

Yummy YUM Cheesecake! So smooth!

DROP BY here:

The Farm Shed Cafe

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