Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Rainy Days and Leather Crafts

Me-Times are "sacred" for me. Haha!(: So whenever I get the chance to be alone, I make sure to use it for something I really love to do. On some days I just relax and read a book, but a few weeks back I decided to join Alessa's Leather Crafternoon at Commercenter in Alabang.

It was a rainy weekend, but my mind was fixed that I was going to attend this workshop and so I did!

Lovely handwriting by Alessa (:

First, Alessa gave us a "semi" finished product already. I got this doggie. I just glued the parts on his face and attached the keychain. No sweat there!(:

Pratice! I just glued the doggie's parts (;

After that, we were on our own!

This was something new to me, so it was really a challenge to come up with a pattern and cut it! So the smaller the pattern, the harder it is to cut! The leather is a bit thick.

Making my pattern/shape

But it was worth all the effort!(: I love how my mini car turned out!

Can you guess what it is?

We had a "leather buffet" that afternoon. Meaning, we can use all the leather we can and create all the keychains we can. But of course, I only made 1! Haha!(: But, it's amazing how many designs you can come up with!

This is harder that I thought! Haha (:

Tada! (:

Hardwork=Amazing Pieces!

Creating leather keychains was challenging BUT relaxing! I didn't know we already consumed 2 hrs. of our day just cutting leather and bringing all the parts together!

JOIN LifeAfterBreakfast's workshops HERE:

Rainy Days and Leather Crafts

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