Friday, August 26, 2016

Balay Dako: Of Cool Breeze and Cozy Feels

Mom's birthday was a bit of a torture for me since I was suffering (yes "suffering" is the right word) with asthma. But yes, we just HAD to celebrate it on the day itself, so I had no choice but to tag along. Good thing I did! Because Balay Dako was surely worth the trip! Maybe I'm living under a rock or something... But Balay Dako is BY: Antonio's. Yes, THE Antonio's, so yeah, expect good, flavorful food!

Since we live somewhere here in Laguna, Tagaytay is just a short trip for us. But eversince I had babies, going there takes time and usually happens (now) during special occasions. So in between the shortness of my breath, I was still excited to experience this place. 

Again, I am no food blogger, so I can't describe their food in a coloful way (haha!) and I apologize for not having too much info, I was fighting for my life as I enjoy their food (asthma attack!).

Balay Dako

As soon as we parked, this huge ancestral house welcomed us. How I wish we had this as kids so we can visit Grandpa and Grandma during the weekends and just play, tell stories...

Homey vibes

Place was HUGE!

We chose the corner table

Lovin' the tiny details

Youtube-ing (sorry, no wifi during our visit)

B-E-S-T Salabat EVER!

I am not kidding when I said this is the best Salabat I ever had. Hindi siya matabang. And I didn't tell them to make it sweet ha. I finished 2 cups! And you know what, it actually made me feel better.


Since mom's birthday was way back 1st week of August, I forgot the price of our Group Meal. I think it was around P5,000-6,000 good for 10pax? Something like that! But for our group, super sulit! With takeout! Food was good!

Happy Family!(:

Amazing interiors!

After our amazing meal, we went upstairs to check out the view. It was so cold! If you're out on a date I recommend dinning upstairs.(: So cozy! There was a DJ that time, so it was a bit noisy. I am not sure if this is a regular thing...

The Bar

Cool breeze and cozy feels

I heard they offer breakfast (P650/head I think?) and again, the second floor is the best place to sip a warm cup of coffee!

More info here:

Balay Dako: Of Cool Breeze and Cozy Feels

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