Tuesday, July 12, 2016

On a Monster Jam HIGH!

We are so blessed to have a mom who is very supportive of our interests. In this case, her "favorite" apo wanted to see Monster Jam for the second time, so she gave me, the hubby plus our two boys tickets to see the show live! This time around, she also included a Pit Pass (for my 6 year old and his dad), so they can get up close to those huge and loud monster trucks plus their amazing drivers! It was the best way to celebrate Father's Day!

According to her, she got all 4 tickets for around P4,300 plus 2 Pit Passes! I think that was 30-50% off the original price!

TIP: best to buy tickets months before the actual show coz they give big discounts!

Life-sized Hot Wheels Monster Truck!! 

 Just "hangin'" around!(:

My little boy was really happy and excited as he got to see the trucks up close and have his shirt signed by the drivers. It was indeed a dream come true for him! So the Pit Pass was really sulit!

 Awesome experience!

Puppy POWER!!


 Look how pretty Scooby's driver is!

4X4 Riders!

Amazing stunts by these riders!! 

HUGE! I tell you!

The show was REALLY loud. We brought our 2 year old son and he cried every time the trucks "roar!" Haha!(: Best to watch this if you can really handle the noise.

The arena was a bit small, but we still had a grand time watching all the stunts and hearing the noisy trucks! I personally like the bikes that went flying into the air!


You should experience watching the show atleast once in your life! I was screaming almost the entire time, cheering (eventhough I don't know any of them! Haha) (:

It was indeed a fun and memorable day for our family. We hope to catch it again next year! Hopefully in Las Vegas?(: Wa! Who knows?(:

CHECK OUT this page for the next schedule:

On a Monster Jam HIGH!

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