Sunday, July 3, 2016

Coffee Project: Something New Down South

Whether you are a coffee lover or not, some cafes give you that relaxing, homey feeling. It's like entering a new dimension and leaving a chaotic world behind. Well, that's what I felt when I first entered Coffee Project here at Vista Mall, Sta.Rosa Laguna.

The place screams HIPSTER all over! And yes, one can't help but take (instagram) photos of every corner of this cafe!

 I love every corner!

When we went to Coffee Project, the place was so calm and quite. Most of the people were reading and some were working on their computers. SUPER PLUS for those working "online", they have fast internet connection and plugs/sockets all over!


This is the perfect place to just sit, sip a cup of coffee and enjoy a chit chat with a friend or simply just get lost doing some of your hobbies (watercolor perhaps?). And you can hangout as early as 7AM and as late as 11PM!

 Lovely isn't it?

 Take your pick!

Coffee price starts at P100 per cup and they have pasta, rice meals and desserts too! Price range around P150-250! Not bad! And the serving is a bit huge too! 

 One of my favorite spots

 Banana Muffin

 Sardine Pasta

If you know me by heart, then you'll know that I am Ms.Sardine Pasta! Haha!(: I can't control my craving whenever I see Sardine + Pasta on the menu! This one passed my taste buds! A bit sweet but really tasty!

 Coffee ofcourse!

Very satisfied customers!(:

So whether you're a coffee addict or not (like me!), I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay and experience at Coffee Project!

Coffee Project: Something New Down South

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