Friday, June 24, 2016

Fun at Playschool!

We all want what's best for our kids. May it be the food they eat, the clothes they wear or even the toys they play. For me, I've always believed that good education is the best investment and gift we can give them. They may not know it right now but the effects and results of gaining good (learning) experiences will help them better in life.

That's why when I was looking for a Playschool for my 2 year old, I made sure he was experiencing one thing: having FUN! Believe me, we've tried it all, from Gymboree to Kindermusik to some "preschools" here in our city, but I feel that he's not happy or gaining anything at all. I am not saying that these schools are not effective, no, no! It's just that kids are all different. One may enjoy here, the other may not. It's just a matter of finding the right place for them.

So one evening as I was walking around Commercenter I saw this little Playschool called 4C Early Learning Station. It was really late at night and the station was already closed so I just got their number and texted them the next day. They were super accommodating and they answered all of my questions right away. You see, I have this habit of asking all my questions through text so that my time won't be wasted when I get to the place. I mean, hello! Traveling means gas, food, etc.! Why not ask and answer all inquiries through text or call, right? But of course, I am aware that there are some things they can discuss only at the school.

My Happy Baby (:

Before you enroll your child at 4CELS, they would recommend a "play appointment" (if I remember it correctly it will cost P400-600). The Station Crew will assess your child if he is ready to attend any of their classes. They accept babies as young as 1.6-8 years old. They are grouped according to age and they also have a mixed age group.

Look here!(:

My little boy is currently enrolled at their Art Class which is once a week. The class runs for an hour. And I tell you, super sulit! For my son who is "scared" of being around people, he is slowly engaging with other kids and the friendly Station Crew. Their Art Class cost around P400-500 per session which already includes "guided" play. I can really see how the crew interacts with the child and teaches him a thing or two as he plays.

By the way, there is also a one time payment of P800 (membership fee) which is already good for a year! And if you are a member, you get a discount too if you enroll at any of their classes.

Playing with his favorite set of toys

I honestly thought that his Art Class will just last 15-20 mins. per visit. Knowing Miro he doesn't have the patience (yet) to sit still and do activities. I was surprised that he gets to play, do some singing/dancing, some TV time and more! Again, super sulit for 1 hr.

He loves the slide so much!

Yes, we also got him a uniform (shirt) which cost around P400-500. Coz yes, I am OC like that. I am not the "fashionista" type of mom, I don't have the patience to think of their outfits haha!(: Plus, kids look cute in uniform!

And then there's art... (Photo from 4C's website)

One parent is still allowed inside if the kid is not yet comfortable being left behind. But I trust and see the care that each crew has for the children. They see to it that they really enjoy their stay and benefit from the program.

See more of their programs here:
2nd flr., Commercenter, Alabang

Fun at Playschool!


  1. Looks really good. Kids love playing and when incorporated with learning, it just gives the best results. =) Great job! =)

  2. Wow, nice find mommy. I think I'll look for something similar for my daughter. She's not in school yet but she wants "school day" na. :D

    1. Yes, find something fun for her!(: Good thing she's the one saying that, my boys nako, they are both a little grumpy when I mention school!:p

  3. I'm the same way. I get all the information I can before going to the place so that time isn't wasted. I like the informalness of the playschool.

  4. I'm happy for you and your child. Finding the best school for your child is really one of the major concerns of parents. Like what you said, kids are different. We need to find a school that matches their unique traits.

  5. Your son is very cute! Glad he is also comfortable at school. Keep up the good work Miro! :)

  6. I love play school and anything that would help my kid physically and mentally. Love the set up of the school and even find it cute to have the kids wear a uniform. I cant wait for my little man to grow up so we could also attend schools like that.

  7. Woah, good find indeed! I hope they open a branch here in Davao. I sure would love to enrol my son in a good art class!

  8. Your son seems he is having a good time schooling. I think he is ready 😀.

  9. I'm so checking out this place! My son is homeschooled but we're looking for a place where we can regularly take him to either art or PE classes. This looks like a great combination of both because he gets to do both art and play too. :)

  10. Looks really nice but it's in Alabang, too far. Do they have any branch in QC?

  11. Seems like a great place to get kids started with learning in a school setting :)

  12. uy great find! OK yung mga ganitong lugar to start our kids from learning bago ang totoong school :)

  13. I remember enrolling my daughter in a "playschool" when she was about 2 years old. Although the activities are mostly "play," I can't help but noticed that she was taught how to identify colors, shapes, numbers.