Sunday, May 1, 2016

Keep Your Skin Healthy with Vaseline!

I have very dry skin. Ever since I gave birth to my boys, I became (more) OC with my hygiene. I tend to wash my hands more often than the normal person would. Haha!(: It was a challenge for me to find the perfect lotion. Something that would keep my skin hydrated and at same time smooth and young looking. I tried a bunch. And most of them made me feel icky and sticky which is a no-no especially during this time of the year!

So let me introduce you to my latest (and greatest) discovery, Vaseline Deep Restore lotion! This formula is now infused with the famous Petroleum Jelly we all love to use anytime and anywhere! Amazing, right? But, what's even more amazing is that the lotion doesn't feel sticky at all! It keeps my skin at its normal state and it is smooth to the touch.

  See the difference?

The left side are a bunch of leaves as is and on the opposite side, the leaves were generously slathered with Vaseline lotion.


Meet the all new Vaseline Deep Restore

"The new Vaseline Lotions now has micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly that works deep from within the epidermis to bring back lost moisture and heal dry skin." 

Better run to your favorite store so you too can achieve the magic of Vaseline Deep Restore!

100ml - P69.30
200ml - P126
400ml - P225

Watch this! 

Know more about Vaseline here:

Keep Your Skin Healthy with Vaseline!

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