Thursday, May 12, 2016

Brotzeit Junior Chef @ Work!

Bonding with my sons is one of my top priorities, making memories with them makes it even better. So whenever I see an opportunity for us to spend some time together, I grab it!

Last week, we had an opportunity to experience Brotzeit Junior Chef at @ Work at their Shangri La Plaza branch. It was a bright, sunny afternoon when the Mommy Bloggers together with their cute little ones gathered for an afternoon of fun and cooking (or should I say baking?)!

I shared about this workshop here. It will run all Saturdays of May, so you better save one weekend for this one!

A Mommy Bloggers event!

The place is really spacious. You can watch, relax and eat as your kids start their session. 

 Spacious and relaxing

My Little Chef wearing his own apron! Adorable! He was so excited to get his hands dirty!

 All set!(:

Each kid will get his own set of ingredients, recipe and tools. Yes, this is very hands on! Today, the kids were able to exercise their tiny little hands because they are going to make their own Pretzels!

 My little boy and his set of ingredients + a mixing bowl!
 So fun to spend an afternoon with my co-Mommy Bloggers!

Kids 5 years old and above can register for this workshop, I think moms will also enjoy the activity.

It was really organized and each kid was given equal attention and assistance from Chef and from his associates. The place is also really clean and well-kept.

 The kids with Ms.Malou

Our recipe for today

Chef Ivan briefly explained to the kids what they are about to do that day. The instructions and ingredients are really simple so the kids had an easy time following the steps.

 Chef Ivan giving some instructions
Mix! Mig!(:

Checking to see if the ingredients were all mixed

Chef Ivan made sure that each kid was able to follow his instructions. He made sure that they get the correct consistency for their dough.
 Chef Ivan was really helpful and patient with each kid!(:

 Knead, knead, knead!

 Excited to turn them into Pretzels!

The pretzels were sent into the oven and we had to wait a few minutes before we can taste and see our creations! I love that each of them gets to have their own pan with their names on it, so you can be sure you'll get your own pretzels!

SIDE NOTE: We had to leave early so we were not able to see our baked creation. :( 

 Raiden's Pretzels

Aside from the fun experience, the kids were also able to take home some goodies!!(: Thank you Toy Kingdom for the generous loot!

 Thank you Toy Kingdom for the fun loot!(:

All in all it was a fun learning experience! I've always been an advocate of learning while having fun. This activity taught my kid how to be patient and to follow instructions.

My Little Chef was so proud of his accomplishment! 

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Brotzeit Junior Chef @ Work!

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