Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Block Party: A Family Affair

Here are some photos from the recent Block Party last March. This was at Ayala Alabang Country Club. This year's first "party" was for the benefit of #CourageousCaitie. The P50 entrance fee goes straight to her funds!(:

I've always been a "fan" of The Block Party, an event which happens twice a year. And it was the perfect way to spend the weekend since I wanted my boys to play outdoors instead of watching TV and to run all day without any worries. The setting was perfect! Bright, sunny sky and warm welcome from the people.

Here I get to try and eat interesting food which are not available elsewhere. I also get to shop some unique finds and I get to bond with my family and have fun all afternoon!

Unique finds

  South people!
Good food!
Project Earth

Yummy Grilled Cheese Sandwich!

McCORMICK was there 

Earth-friendly stuff

Mini zoo!
Free Art Station for the KIDS!

By the way, they also offered mini workshops for the adults! So nice to learn and be artsy outdoors!


My boys played all day!

Such a perfect weather!

Free use of bubbles!!

I spy... A Heart!(:

Hanging around... Barefoot!:D

Can't wait for the next Block Party! I always look forward to some good vibes and a relaxed afternoon!

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The Block Party: A Family Affair

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