Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ignite: The Bible Project (Hope Journal)

True enough, God will give and provide you the things that you pray for at the right time. I was blessed to be part of Ignite's Book Launch at Powerbooks, Greenbelt last weekend. The area was packed and I was really curious as to what this book is all about. At this stage in my life, it has come to a point wherein I really want to know and live the contents of the bible. And no, I have no plains of being the next St.Daniel but I want to see changes in my life. Good changes. And I know the bible has a lot of inspiring stories and passages I can turn to, except that sometimes it can be overwhelming and a bit hard to understand or digest. And this book is the answer to what I'm looking for.(:

The first thing I asked the organizer was, is this a Christian or a Catholic book? Not that it's a big deal to me, but as a Catholic I rarely find these type of books being offered to my religion. So I was really happy that yes indeed, it is a Catholic book! But ofcourse everyone is welcome to read and get inspired!

 Ignite: The Bible Project

I was able to browse through some pages before the program started. Ignite is a Hope Journal/Daily Devotional Journal which you can use in your everyday life so you can truly understand and grasp the message of the bible. I really love that it is easy to understand and use. You can actually start anywhere, any page at any day, and yes at your own pace. 

Inside you can find daily bible reading plans, a bible reflection system, prayer guide and help with a range of other Christian disciplines.

As Archdiocese of Manila Biblical Apostolate Director Rev. Fr. Antonio Navarrete Jr. says "It offers readers a new way of encountering the Word of God--our true source of hope and inspiration, in a fun and personally engaging way." Each page is really filled with inspiration from the Bible which is easy to understand for both young and old readers.

 So surreal!

Ms.Jacqueline shared some of these blessed items which she got from her visits to Israel.

It felt different when I touched them

All from Israel!

 Full house!

 With the author, Ms.Jacqueline Marzan-Tolentino

Ms.Jacqueline Marzan-Tolentino is the author of Ignite and also Nuestra Senorra del Perpetuo Socorro Parish (NSPS) Sampaloc, Manila Coordinator and Biblical Apostolate Head. She was inspired to share the bible to others, to inspire them to be disciples too so they can share the Word of the Lord. Her frequent visits to Israel was one of her inspirations as to why she came up with this book.

 Patiently signing each book

With my Co-Momma Bloggers; Joy and Joy!(:

One of the best Christmas gifts you can give someone this season, especially to those people who are already blessed with "everything".(: This will truly inspire them to read and share the Word of God.

Proceeds of the book will go to the rebuilding of NSPS Sampaloc, Manila Church. And church communities who avail of the bulk order (50 books) will get free Bible Teaching and free viewing of the Holy Land mobile exhibit.

For more DETAILS:

Ignite: The Bible Project (Hope Journal)


  1. Nice! I will definitely check it out.


  2. This will truly inspire people. I'll check this book.

  3. ang galing naman nito, di ko to nabalitaan ah. Lagi ako tumatambay sa PCBS para lang maghanap n magagandang devotional books.

  4. Nice! I met Ms.Jacqueline Marzan-Tolentino years before when they introduced Eton to the public. Good to know she has published a book. :)

  5. I want to get a copy! Will check out the bookstores. :) Thanks for this!

  6. I'll check this book at National Bookstore nga.

  7. True, this is something you can give people who have everything.

  8. Why have I not heard about this? sayang naman.. :(

    1. They just launched the book last weekend (: Why sayang? You can still purchase one!(: Super nice!

  9. Hoping to visit Israel in the future too. I thought this was the same Ignite youth conference in the Philippines.

  10. The word of God brings life to those who hear it. I pray that those who will read will have hearts and passions to be ignited to love people unconditionally. =)

  11. this is a perfect give this Christmas season. Will definitely check this out.

  12. Wow! I want one! My mom would definitely love this too! Thanks :)

  13. Hi everyone! Ignite Hope Journal is available at top National Bookstore and Powerbooks stores.