Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Wood Works at Common Room

You can call me the "Distress Princess" since I am a huge fan and lover of distressed objects. I just love the worn-out and vintage-y look of things.

I know, I know it's a man's job to do these kinds of stuff. But ya know what they say, "never send a man to do a woman's job!" Haha!(: My husband kept complaining before that achieving a distressed look is hard work. Now I tell him, that I can do it by myself. O dba. Girl power! POW!

So last week, I was able to attend Marvz's workshop at Common Room in Katipunan. I know, ang layo! But it was worth the drive!(: And it was a Sunday so no traffic at all! I'm scared of traffic. (Hello! Obvious ba, I work at home and I choose to stay at home most of the time---except weekends! Haha!) The workshop was also the perfect excuse to finally visit Common Room!

Our project: Mini Crate

Marvz gave us a plane wooden crate. Even if it was bare (as in wooden bare), I love it already! He also provided the paints (Acrylic), brush, sand paper, wax/candle, blower (for drying) and a mini instruction booklet.

Step 1!

Step one, we needed to determine the 2 colors we want to use for our crate. He showed us different color samples and I opted for gray + white. I used white as the base and I let it dry using a hair blower. Application need not be perfect. As we want to achieve a natural distressed look!

Step two, once the paint is dry, I used the small candle to "distress" some parts of the crate. This is the tricky part as you can't really see the waxed parts (since I'm using white paint as a base). Marvz told us to distress the sides of the crate to really achieve that worn-out look!

Some samples

Step three, once you're contented with the waxed areas, you apply the second coat of paint (gray for me) and let it dry again using the hair dryer. For bigger furniture, you must let it dry overnight.

Step four (the fun part!), once the paint is completely dry, we used a small sand paper to remove the waxed areas.

And TADA...!!

Distressing 101!

The sand paper part was really fun as I get to slowly see how my creation turned out.

Marvz holding up my "masterpiece" 

Nice meeting you Marvz!(: Thanks for all the tips!

Isn't Common Room, lovely?(:

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