Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Healthy Living with Pine-Sol

Being a mom made me realize the importance of health. More than anything, health is wealth indeed! And I think it starts by having a clean surrounding or should I say, home. As we take care of our family, we should also take care of ourselves. Afterall, how can we be whole and 100% if we don't feel good about ourselves, right?

Last week I was invited by Pine-Sol to experience some me-time together with other awesome moms as they treat us to a yoga session and a healthy brunch at Sofitel, Manila.

 Yoga at Le Spa

I was all geared up and excited for yoga! It has been a while since I last hit the mat. We left our house 2 hrs. before the session and BOOM! Traffic! Reminds me of why I chose to be a WAHM. Haha!(: In short, I wasn't able to attend yoga. Sad. But Le Spa's lobby was sure relaxing.(:

After yoga, we were escorted to one of Sofitel's ballrooms and the place was simple yet lovely will all the colorful flowers on our table.

Brunch time!

 Thank you for the wonderful goodies, Pine-Sol!(:


I believe that having a clean and organized surrounding affects us more than anything. If we are surrounded by chaos, then our mind will be in chaos too. But if we inhale and see a clean and beautiful home, then our minds will be at peace and we will have positive thoughts. I believe that is the goal of Pine-Sol, to help every home achieve a clean and disinfected state.

  Good to know!

Pine-Sol is really easy to use and it is very concentrated, so you only need a small amount to clean and disinfect a big mess (just need to add water)! With Pine-Sol you can clean almost anything in your house and you don't need to buy any special tools to use it, just some towels or brush and you're good to go!

Count those calories

They served us yummy and healthy food that day and it was good to know that we should all watch our calorie intake as it really affects our health and our whole being.

Healthy food!

Seriously listening.(:
Photo by: Jay Santos

Dr. Jade Cada of Vietura and Nutritionist Agnes Tumaneng gave a very informative lecture

Did you know that you need to burn 3,500 calories to lose 1 pound? Exercise and healthy food intake are a must to achieve your weight goal. But I learned that it is not enough to exercise alone. Watching our diet will also affect our body. So we must really be conscious or atleast aware of our calorie intake. (Must start reading those food labels/facts!)

Photo by: Jay Santos 

They had a mini raffle and I was lucky enough to win some GCs from my favorite salad bar, Juju Eats! Yay!(: 

Pampered Moms with Director of Marketing for Clorox, Tisha De Veyra and Brand Manager for Pine-Sol, Renelle Revilla Delos Santos
Photo by: Jay Santos

 Meet your partner in keeping your homes clean!

Pine-Sol all-purpose cleaners come in five powerful scents namely: Original, Lemon Fresh, Orange Energy, Lavender Clean and Sparkling Wave. This multi-tasking cleaner will definitely make your floors, bathrooms, counter tops and almost any area of your home smell fresh and clean! 

Remember, having a clean surrounding/home affects us not only on the outside, but also on the inside.(:

Healthy Living with Pine-Sol


  1. Wow I want to try Pine sol too!!! Okay ba sya?

  2. I have been using Pinesol at home. Works very nice on floors and counters.

  3. I have seen the brand but we have not tried it at home yet. Will check it out.

  4. This is the first time I heard of the brand. I'll check it out in the grocery I frequent too so I could try it at home :)

  5. I've tried it before, forgot what scent though but I remember the house smelled fresh indeed. I just have this 1 gallon cleaner from my sister that we've been using that's why I didn't have the need to buy pine sol in a while, will try the other scents as soon as I need to buy a new cleaner. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Super nice. I haven't tried Pine Sol before but I'm curious. What makes it different from the other brands?

  7. My son and I both have allergies, and having a clean home will help us ward off allergies. We use a different disinfectant at home, but I'd love to try Pine Sol, too. -- Maria Teresa Figuerres

  8. I'll check out Pine Sol products when we hit the grocery this September. Thanks for sharing! A clean place helps in relaxing pur minds and staying positive at all times. :-)