Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Make Blissful Meals with Oster

It's been a while since my last post. A LOT has happened as me and my family are all preparing for something BIG. (No, I'm not pregnant!) Haha!(: Kidding aside, I needed the long break to refresh my mind and sort out all my priorities and plans. And it helped. Being away from the "Online Scene" cleared my head from all the clutter (and stress). Whew!

So now, I'm going to share with you how I welcomed the rainy month of July! And yikes! July is almost over!


BRUNCH. It makes me feel all warm inside whenever I hear this word. I don't know why, but on lazy Sunday afternoons when I was still staying with my mom, she would always prepare a meal inbetween breakfast and lunch and it makes me feel more at home.(:

So when Martine told me to cover her Blissful Brunch event with Oster, I said YES! Immediately! I didn't care if there were strong rains and winds that day, I braved all of it (not to mention the traffic!) just so I can be there!

 Martine de Luna of Make It Blissful and her adorable baby girl!

The Miele Kitchen Showroom was really spacious and it was made even more pretty with all the pink and gray elements added to the place.

Pretty in Pink!

 Oster x Make It Blissful

 I NEED these right NOW!(:

 Team Blissful ready for BATTLE!(:

  Cook Book!

Martine shared with us some of her easy (yet yummy and healthy) recipes that day. 
 Fresh Fruity Smoothie!

Everything that day was fresh and healthy! But what I love most is that they are all easy to prepare and most of the ingredients are pretty basic. Ofcourse with the help of Oster's amazing appliances, we were able to make these lovely dishes effortlessly!

 Freshest Ingredients!

Grilled Caprese Skewers


 Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus

 Strawberry EATon Mess

We were all given the chance to experience and prepare our own meals and after that we got to enjoy them all together! YUM!

 All the ladies enjoying their meal!

Thank you so much Martine and Oster for the wonderful brunch!

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Make Blissful Meals with Oster


  1. Cooking and sharing good food with great company? This event is blissful indeed! ^_^

  2. Oh my gosh, you had me at bacon-wrapped asparagus! Haha! Seriously, I'd love to have all those Oster products in my kitchen. They will no doubt make cooking a more blissful experience for me. :)

  3. Beautiful shots! First time to check your blog AND will surely follow as I am a frustrated photographer. Haha

    Anyway, wow this event looks so fun! And glad to see The BlissMakers. :)

  4. Huhu, thanks, Kaity for coming! Thanks also for letting me use your photos.

  5. What a lovely event! That's a great idea to each create a meal and eat together.

  6. This was indeed a lovely brunch and I was so happy I was lucky enough to be part of it! The food was great, the company of ladies even more so, got lots of great tips and got nostalgic seeing the classic Osterizer! Thank you Martine and thank you Oster!

  7. What a lovely event! The food looks heavenly, too! -- Maria Teresa Figuerres