Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Journals & Letters: A Journaling and Lettering Workshop

Love! <3

When I saw on Instagram that Aina was going to have a workshop, I signed up without  even thinking twice! Journaling PLUS lettering? My gosh! Perfect combination! As in, I told myself #MayFOREVER. Whatever! Haha!(: I met Aina during an Instagram workshop way back at Commune, we were seatmates and she was really nice (eventhough she told me that she's masungit haha!)

Her workshop was also held at Commune, a corner cafe somewhere inside the streets of Makati. (NOTE: Commune will be moving to a new location starting July. I think?) What I love about this workshop is how intimate it is. Aina didn't want to have over 10 participants.  So I knew I was going to enjoy and actually learn something from her.

Practice, practice, practice!

We started with some drills. Aina provided all the materials from the pens to the practice sheets, notebook and a mini instruction booklet. I am so inlove with these Japanese pens!

ABC-ing using the Cocoiro

But the Cocoiro is my favorite. I saw this pen several times on Instagram and I've always wondered how it "works". It was amazing to work with that's for sure! Aina was really patient which each of us as we all learned how to write the alphabet one letter at a time. She assisted each and everyone of us and gave us lots of tips too!

Everyone's so busy!

Yummy food by Commune!

Since the workshop was held at Commune, we were also treated to their simple yet yummy dishes and drinks. I was enjoying their coffee and food as I practice my drills.

Practice makes perfect!(;

Aina reminded us to keep on practicing and to learn to love your own style. 

Aina's wonderful handwriting!

She was nice enough to personalized each of our notebooks.(:

Super love it! Thanks Ains!(:

Meet the very talented (and nice) Aina!(:

What I love most about her workshop is that is focuses more on the process rather than the technical stuff (parts of the letter, etc.). 

You will surely be inspired and learn how to write more meaningfully when you attend Aina's workshop!(: She even convinced me to get my own Midori! Haha!(: Now I can't leave home without it! 

Check out her amazing works and watch out for her NEXT WORKSHOP HERE:

Journals & Letters: A Journaling and Lettering Workshop


  1. Wow! I think this is a great skill to have... I hope that the next calligraphy session is soon, Can't wait to sign up :3

  2. I want too! I'm considering enrolling soon. I hope the next workshop will be sometime in August para I have less in my to do list and I can join. :)

  3. I love lettering/calligraphy stuffs, it makes your work more intimate, more personal. Good for you there coz there are available sessions for those who want to learn.

  4. I'm interested in this workshop! My handwriting has been blah but I'm hoping I can be taught calligraphy pa rin!

  5. Now I find calligraphy more interesting :3 I thought before cursive and calligraphy are the same :D


  6. I should have joined this with you Kaits! I can't imagine attending a workshop with you... super fun for sure. And to be fair, ang ganda na ng lettering mo :) Miss you!

  7. Nice! I hope to join a workshop, too. Are the pens expensive?

  8. Is lettering the fad these days? Dami ko nakikita on my TL. :)