Monday, June 15, 2015

Enter The World Of KidZania Manila at The KidZaniaGo Event!

Say it with me: "KidZaaahNyaaa"! Oh yes! This 2015, kids aged 4-14 can enjoy and learn at this interactive and fun place called KidZania Manila.

Last weekend, Kidzania Manila had a pop-up event at the Rockwell Tent wherein kids were able to experience and get a sneak peek of what they have to offer. The tent was packed with excited kids (and parents) as everyone waited for their turn in every activity.

"KidZania Manila believes that kids' boundless curiosity , originality and energy need encouragement and nurturing."

Once KidZania Manila opens at Bonifacio Global City (SOON!), children can roam around the kid-sized city as they can independently enjoy each activity with over 100 exciting role plays (career) to choose from. Some of these "careers" include doctor, firefighter, baker, pilot, farmer etc. How exciting is that?(:

 The place was packed!(:

After the quick registration, my kid was really excited to enter the activity area. He was escorted to the waiting area along with other kids and were given coloring sheets as they wait for their batch to start.

Waiting area
  My little one so serious with his coloring sheet

Each kid was given a paper bag where they will keep all their "accomplishments". Yes! You get to keep everything that you make.

Everyone gets a paperbag!

MigMig was assigned to the Blue Team. He was really hyper that day that he stood infront of the line and became the flag leader. Haha!(:

Blue Team!

The calm before the (fun) chaos!

Their first activity was a science experiment. What I like about this activity is that they get the feeling of what it's like to be a Scientist as they were all given lab coats. Actually, most activities provide a costume and safety materials.

Let's Experiment!

Lab Coat for each participant

   Lab-like set up

Everything was so neatly organized. Each kid had enough space to work on.

Fun experiment

Zank-U! (thank you in KidZania language) to all the very helpful staff for assisting all the kids and making sure that they are able to enjoy and finish their task.

KidZania staff carefully assisting each kid

Carefully dropping food color

He was so happy when he finished making his own mini lava lamp. This was actually his favorite activity that day!
Their next activity was all about sweets! Designing your own cookie that is!(:

 Let's Bake!

Kids were dressed in aprons and were each given a cookie to decorate to their hearts' delight!

DIY Cookie!

Designing his own cookie

In each area, the kids were always asked to sanitize their hands before and after each task. This is a super plus point for me!
  Don't forget to sanitize!

Their third activity was gardening. I find this very fun!

Let's Plant!

 Such nice flowers!

The kids were taught how to plant their own flower and they were even provided this cute hat as they immerse themselves in planting. This activity also taught them the importance of taking care of our environment.

   My Little Gardener!(:

The last activity was painting. Though my son was not a fan of art, he sure had fun playing with the colors and painting the KidZania Manila characters!
 Paint Me!


After all the fun activities, the kids were brought near the stage area as the characters of KidZania Manila were introduced. They were also given paper hats which my son loved so much.

I want to be a Policeman!

Meet Urbano





Dancing to the beat!

The characters gave a short dance performance wherein the kids were invited to dance. Some of them kept jumping and dancing.

Happy little one!(:

We both had fun last weekend! As I get to watch my little boy finish each task happily with a sense of accomplishment and learning. We both can't wait for the opening of KidZania Manila!

KidZania Manila will SOON open their doors at Bonifacio Global City.

WATCH OUT for more updates HERE:

Enter The World Of KidZania Manila at The KidZaniaGo Event!


  1. Can't wait for Kidzania to open here. I am sure my daughter will enjoy playing different roles too!


    1. Me too! For sure all the kids (and parents) will enjoy KidZania!(:

  2. I missed this I forgot to register my son before the event. Sayang nag enjoy sana siya. Your kids looks he had really fun

    1. Yes he had lots of fun!(: Maybe there will be another pop-up! Or better yet, go to KidZania once it opens (:

  3. Nakakatuwa naman, I hope someday my little girl can join. :)

    1. Hello Mommy!(: Sure, the pop-up is free!

  4. Role play and modeling are the best way to teach out kids. Cheers to Kidzania for providing such opportunity.

    1. Super agree! I love their concept!(: Fun in learning!

  5. I hope Kidzania Manila would be like Kidzania Tokyo...

    1. I hope they also have the Yakult Lab. Haha!(: I think I saw that somewhere that they have a Yakult Lab.

  6. My baby's too young pa for this but I can't wait for her to try it out. :)

    1. Maybe you can tour/walk around the place!(: For sure both of you will have fun too!

  7. Replies
    1. Not yet! This is a pop-up.(: KidZania itself is not yet open

  8. How would we know if there's a pop up event? Is this by invitation only?