Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ryu Miro's Mus-TACO Party!

I'm gonna say it again. I still can't believe that my Little Manong is now 1 year old! I am still on a high on being a mom of 2 boys! I'm sad and happy at the same time as they are both growing up to be the little men I want them to be. (Kaloka lang their ka-kulitan!!)

I've always dreamed of organizing an event. And Miro's birthday is the perfect occasion!(: I was blessed (thank you so much God) to be able to save some money so I can come up with this party. Ofcourse with the help of my husband and the "young" lolas!:p Almost everything you will see here are DIY-ed and a contribution from my family and friends.(:

Invites by Iced Design and Prints

I love how unique our invitation turned out! I just presented some pegs to Ice, plus all the details she needs and she was able to come up with this!(:

We booked a room at Serendra. I did my research on all the possible function rooms I can rent and so far Serendra offers the cheapest yet elegant rooms at The Fort. 

SIDE STORY: Our theme was supposed to be "Little Man", but then my family said it was too common and since we are serving Tacos, they suggested a Mexican theme. Which compliments the mustache theme too!

Welcome Sign! Photo by: Dreamcatcher

We won a free Photoshoot a few months back when I was looking for my suppliers at the Sky Celebrations Fair. It was perfect timing for my Little Manong's pre-birthday shoot!

DIY Buntings by: Airees Creates

These are some of my favorites during Miro's birthday. I know the people who made these had put so much effort and love into their crafts.(: It made the place more lively and fun!

DIY Mexican-themed Designs by my pretty cousin Daph

DIY Centerpiece. Artwork/Watercolor by: Nica Cosio

Nica is really talented and patient! When I had some last minute changes to the layout, she gladly changed them and did not complain at all.(: Super love her lovely art!

Succulents for all my lady guests by: She Dreams in Ink

Canned Goods for the kids by: Canned Goods

The Canned Goods are filled with bubbles, candies and some stationary for the kids and their moms too.

Our simple little rainbow cake by: Chris de Leon

Yummy, chewy cookies from (again) my pretty cousin/Ninang Daph!

Our DIY Photobooth

For the Photobooth, I bought a burlap, ordered the big blue and orange circle fans from Dreamcatcher (yes, our photographer also offers DIY services) and also ordered the big R from a supplier here in our area (Laguna). I didn't want the usual tarp background so I came up with this!(:

Pinata by: my good friend Jazer Basan

This Pinata is so adorable! We filled it with P20 money and some candies.

Instant Prints by: Iced Design and Prints

Caricature Area

This was a sure hit to the kids! We needed to extend their hours just so we can accommodate all the little ones.

Tacos for everyone by the famous El Chupacabra!

If I'll have another party, I'll book El Chupacabra again! Their food is sooo good and everyone had a take out bag! I think they served more than what we paid for! Super sulit!!

The BEST Tacos in Makati!

I just find this cute haha (:

Pork and Chicken BBQ

Cutest bentos for the kids by: Oh Bento!

Thank you so much to my friend Kat who owns Oh Bento!(: Her "art" is simply amazing! I think the kids had a hard time in eating their food coz it's just too adorable to eat!

Nacho Booth (and Corn Booth) by: Party Food Carts

And a sure hit, the Corn Booth!

The Little Birthday Boy (:

(Mexican) Bros for life!

Our host, Chayno

 The kids all had a great time as they get entertained by Chayno.

His balloon swords + bubbles were a hit!

My family (:

Our little celebrant!

Look at our birthday boy! So happy!(: He wants to say thank you to all of you!!

A Happy Birthday indeed!(:

College friends!!(:

 The "Creative" Team

We decided to wear the same "mexican" inspired top to the party! Tops by: Simone's Closet

Thank you so much from our little family!(:

Though it was (really) stressful to organize a party, it was all worth it! It was a team effort to serve and entertain 50 people. Yes, we only had 50 guests. I've always been a fan of small, intimate gatherings. It made the celebration more meaningful.(:

To know the SUPPLIERS:
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ALL Photos by: Sugarpuff Photography

Ryu Miro's Mus-TACO Party!

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