Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pursuit Manila Moms (A Mommy Gathering)

One of the best Mother's Day celebration I had this year was with my Pursuit Girls. I've been seeing them every month and each time I feel renewed and empowered. I honestly feel closer to God.

The last gathering I attended was at Karen's Kitchen in Kapitolyo. It was quiet a drive for us, but it was worth the trip! Seeing my girls and attending this very special gathering for moms was the highlight of my week!

 Can you see those teacups?(:

I felt like I was in Goldilock's (and the Three Bears) Home when I entered Karen's Kitchen. It was filled with sweet stuff. I feel that each item was carefully chosen.

Karen's Kitchen!

The tables were all beautified as always! I love all the happy colors that welcomed us!

Lovely setup as always!

As much as I wanted to eat and take home these treats, I was too busy chatting and laughing with everyone around the room! Yes, miss na miss namin ang isa't isa! Haha (: One day is not enough to catch up!

Sweet treats!

Aww!! This was really sweet!

Since it was Mother's Day, Rhiza and her team have put together all the things that make our mommyhood special.(: Everything was priceless!

Nice decors, right?


I wonder what's inside?

Everyone has a box on their seat, but we were told not to open or peek inside.

 Cookie treats!

Can you see my initial there?(: K!

Everyone so busy and happy!(:

We were all made even more beautiful by two lovely MakeUp Artists!(: It was fun to finally have some "me-time". To be honest I was still with my boys (husband and 2 kids) that day. They just stayed outside and waited for me. Hay. The tales of a breastfeeding mama!(:

The "Makeup Station"

I love the look Bunny gave me. I felt light and beautiful (pagbigyan na! Minsan lang!(:) I love, love my kilay especially!

With my beautiful MUA, Bunny!(: Thank you for making me feel beautiful!


Rhiza was the first to make the introductions and Sheila, wow Sheila! I didn't know she also had a lovely voice! Mother-Photographer-Singer all rolled into one!

Sheila singing us a song

Karen, owner of Karen's Kitchen. Isn't she lovely? 

Karen shared with us how her "kitchen" came together by God's grace.


Carla, or Rica as we all know her shared her story as a mom. What I really like about her is how humble she is. I also admire her dedication to breastfeeding. She is truly blessed indeed! I can see how faithful she is to our God and how she's been living based on His commandments/plans.

I won this wonderful set!(:

There was also a raffle that day, and TADA! I won this wooden spoon set!(:

With Carla

With Marts and her lovely baby girl!!

WOW! Look what's inside "the" box!

The box was carefully curated for us moms. There was a notebook, a survival kit, gift tags, hand sanitizer and the most special of them all, a letter from our husbands!(: See that envelope with a "Kaity"?(: And when I opened it, SURPRISE!! No content! Haha!(: Everyone was crying already with their letters and I was shocked. Not really, coz I know my husband was not Mr.Write (write as in sulat ha!).

I went outside to give the huge box to my husband because Bunny still needs to finish my makeup. I told him everyone was teary-eyed inside from their husband's letters and I got none. SURPRISE again! He was holding a letter! Handwritten pa! He said he didn't know that I was going to the event so he didn't email Rhiza with a letter.

AWW. Melting...

Aww... For my babies!(:

They also prepared some gifts for our little ones which made my two boys really happy! Up until today we always read Run, Kuting! Run!(: Such a fun short story which makes my youngest smile.

Books for my two boys!

I love my Pursuit Mamas so much!(: I know we can always count on each other!

My Pursuit Mamas!(:

We had a mini photoshoot at the cafe and everyone really felt loved and beautiful. I'm glad I was with my boys. I can't imagine being away from them! Even if at times they really get in my nerves!! Haha (:

The reasons why I am who I am now---a MOM (:

Thank you Jaime for this very lovely photo!(: 

Pursuit Manila Moms (A Mommy Gathering)


  1. I agree with you, Kaity! This has been one of the most unforgettable gatherings I have ever attended! I am also glad that because of Pursuit, I have met you and the rest of the Pursuit Manila Moms. Will write about the gathering as well real soon! Hugs to you!

    1. We all felt special and loved that day!(: See you soon Ira! Hugs!!

  2. I hope I can join in the next gathering. :)

    1. Sure Mommy!(: The more the merrier! Just check out Pursuit's page for the next schedule (: