Thursday, May 21, 2015

Learning How to Walk with Attipas

Since my Little Miro just turned 1, he is now learning how to walk and he is really super active! He enjoys exploring around the house and he is trying his best to balance in every corner and every chance that he gets.

I've always been on the look out for the best stuff for my kids and luckily Attipas sent me one of their (what I like to call) "Shoe Socks" to try and test. They look so cute!!(:


Attipas is an Australian brand created by a mom to support our baby's first steps until 4 years of age. So you're sure that you're getting a "quality" product since we all know that moms' only want what's best for their children.

The packaging

  It is good to know...

Scientific 5 Points of Attipas:

1. Convenience: strong, smooth, non-slip, machine washable and fast-drying
2. Breathability: holes release baby feet's heat
3. Big Toe Box: free toe movement improve cognitive and motor development
4. Safety: non use of hazardous materials safety test passed
5. Lightweight and Flexibility: super lightweight, just like wearing socks

Look how cute these shoesies are!!

 I really love the versatility of these shoes. I can use them to protect my little one's feet and to keep them clean and I can also use it as his "training" shoes.


Another plus point for me is the skid-free soles of Attipas. Since my little one is really active, I want to be sure that he's safe from sliding or falling. But ofcourse we still have to guide them and be alert at all times.

My Little Miro sporting his Attipas!

They are so cute that you can "terno"/match it with any outfit! And yes, I get a lot of "Ai, ang cute ng shoes niya!" from other people.(:

Cute little feet!

 Nice dba?(:

We enjoy having our daily adventures with Attipas! It makes walking and learning even more fun for my Miro!

GRAB one now:

Learning How to Walk with Attipas

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