Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bobbi Brown X Topaz Horizon (A Mother's Day Treat!)

Last Mother's Day I was blessed to spend a few hours of my day at Bobbi Brown to learn some tips and tricks on how prettify a busy little momma like me!

Thanks to Frances of Mommy Topaz I got a free lesson/consultation straight from the artists of Bobbi Brown here in our country! I've always loved Bobbi Brown for being an advocate of natural beauty and just enhancing what you already have.

Pretty Powerful!

The lovely Tamara taught us how to achieve that natural "mom" glow without spending too much time infront of the mirror. Ah! Moms will always be busy. We all wanted to learn and achieve that 5-minute "pretty powerful" look!(:

Lovely ladies, Tamara Pineda (Bobbi Brown's Makeup Trainer) and Frances Sales

While we were listening to Tamara's lesson, we were served this cute little box of "makeup" food!

Creative "MakeUp" Food by: Eats Happy!

Tamara emphasized the importance of having healthy and clear skin. She told us that everything starts from there. She used this new Bobbi Brown product, Extra Bright Advanced Serum which will give the skin a natural glow and even out discolorations.

Tamara explaining each steps carefully

I wasn't able to take photos for some of the steps. But I remember her using the Concealer and Corrector. Now I know that I NEED a Corrector since my under eye is really dark, it will help in "correcting" the discoloration.

Bobbi Brown also believes that a Concealer is the "secret of the universe". Pretty powerful huh?(: I believe having nice, well-rested eyes will really carry your whole look!

Get your brows done, and you're good to go!

I've attended several makeup workshops and they ALWAYS tell me/us participants to groom and fix our eyebrows, for it will say a lot about us.

Pot Rouge used on Frances' lips

The Pot Rouge pot is very versatile as you can use it both on your lips and cheeks! Perfect for busy moms like us!

Just a little extra! Some Mascara!

Just to give Frances' look a little OMPH! Tamara added some mascara on her lashes.
 Bobbi Brown SM Megamall

After the fun lesson, we all headed out to the counters to find out which Bobbi products will best compliment our face. It was really fun trying each product and learning the uses of each cosmetic.

Photo from: Frances Sales

Pretty Powerful?(:

I love this very simple look. I told my artist to make it a "barely there" makeup.

Photo from: Frances Sales

Thank you so much Frances for the lovely afternoon!(: see how pretty Mommy Frances is?

Lovin' this Leuchttrum notebook! Thank you Mommy Topaz and National Bookstore!(:

Freebies from Bobbi Brown

Thank you Bobbi Brown for these awesome freebies!!

I won this Bobbi book and their famous Eyeliner!(:

BOOK your Pretty Powerful Makeup Lesson NOW:

Bobbi Brown X Topaz Horizon (A Mother's Day Treat!)

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