Monday, May 11, 2015

A Magnifique Sofitel Staycation

I remember one time (a long time ago) when one of my GUY "friends" on twitter tweeted something about me always joining contests. He said that I "depended" on them. Something like: "umaasa nalang sa contest! Haha!" It brought tears to my eyes, honestly. And at some point, it made me not wanna join contests on facebook or any sites anymore. That was a long time ago and every time I think about it NOW, I laugh. Coz man, that experience made me join MORE contests! And it gave me more chances of winning (parang commercial lang?) and gave me and my family a lot of reasons to be happy!(: (oh and yes, that guy "friend" is not my "friend" anymore. Coz hello, friends support you and will be happy for you if you win right?(:) Good vibes lang!(:

Moving on...

Just recently I submitted an entry to Sofitel's 50th Anniversary Contest on facebook. It was just an ordinary day and I stumbled upon their page and saw this ad. So I took my chance....

And weeks after... I received an email saying I was one of the 50 lucky winners (from AROUND the world) who will get a 5-night stay (yes, FIVE!) at Sofitel, Manila! My gosh, you better check your SPAM mail! Coz that email went there!

Magnifique at 50!

See my name??(:

Imagine my excitement as I read the email and saw my name on the list! Grabe lang. I had to call my mom to tell her the good news and she didn't believe me at first! Haha!(:

My entry (:

We chose to stay during the Holy Week. I would've chosen another week, but then my mom was only available during those days. So okay. She's the boss!(: 

We were given a room at the Club Millesime floor. This is new to me coz whenever we stay at hotels, we just choose the Superior or Deluxe Room, so I was really wow-ed when we received VIP treatment and was given club access for 5 whole days!

Club Millesime 

What are the PERKS of a Club Millesime guest?
-aside from all the YUMMY (free) food you get all day long (yes, they will serve you breakfast, afternoon snacks, cocktails and all day refreshments!)
-a Children's Play Area at Rm.1001 for kids below 9 years old (kids are not allowed inside the club)
-complimentary 24-hour internet access in the room and at the Lounge (internet was really fast!)
-complimentary use of DVDs, CDs, books, newspapers and magazines
-complimentary access to So Fit
-late check-out until 4PM with no additional charge (depending on room availability)
 and more!
(I only listed the ones I availed (:)

A sweet welcome card!(:

We were escorted by Dave to our room who was really very helpful and kind when I booked my stay.(:

Upon entering we were already amazed by the view from our terrace.

And this sweet treat!(:

He couldn't wait to take a bite of the yummy choco!
Yes, we were given a room which had the BEST sunset view!(: 

Everyday for 5 days I got to enjoy this beautiful view. God is indeed amazing!

Hello Manila!
 My boys all busy (and comfy!)

 This view greeted me every morning!

Beautiful, right?

 Sushi, anyone?

Or you can try their yummy desserts!

I super love and enjoyed the food inside the Club. I was soo full until dinner time that we always eat at midnight na for dinner!

This look means he's having a good time!

Spiral 2 Go

Everyday during our stay we enjoyed breakfast and the wide selection of food at Spiral! They also have this mini shop wherein you can get some Easter treats (chocolates, cookies, etc.) for the whole family to enjoy!

Happy Easter!!(:

A few days before Easter, they surprised us with this HUGE chocolate egg! We were all so happy and surprised! It was too good to eat. Huuu!!
Terno nighties!

I always enjoy "dressing up" (in Pajamas) whenever we have a vacation/staycation! It makes the stay more fun!

Both my boys had a wonderful time playing and bonding inside our room. Sofitel made sure our stay was comfortable and memorable.

Playtime with my boys (:

We also had the chance to relax and lounge by the pool area. 

TIP: If you want to really enjoy the pool area, view and sunset, visit the hotel on a weekday/non-holiday! It was over crowded during our stay. :( still, the view was stunning!

Pool side during Magic Hour

Too much people!

Chillin' on a hot night (:

When the crowd disappeared we went down again and enjoyed the semi-cool breeze.

We had a GREAT time!!(:

My happy little boy!(:

Me and my family really had a wonderful stay at Sofitel! We can't wait to check in again!

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A Magnifique Sofitel Staycation


  1. wow!! one lucky momma!!! I am happy for you and your boys... How come I didnt see this on my news feed?!! LOL.. Oh well, your photos, smile on your faces, really described the meaning of "happiness! "

    See you soon, Bato! :) Mwah

    1. Hello Millie!(: thank you! Actually I just saw this as a "sponsored" post on facebook. See you soon!(: Thanks for reading means a lot!

  2. Congrats girl.. I've joined din diyan but not lucky though. Galing :) surely nagenjoy sina Mig mig :)

    1. Thanks Yves!(: join lang ng join! Super enjoy kaming lahat(: