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A Little Place Called Lilom

It's almost mid-2015. My-oh-my! How time flies! And I am so happy that me and my little family were able to achieve some of our goals already.(: And one of the highlights of this year was the 1st Birthday of our little Miro. (Please stay as babies!!) They grow up so fast...

Since he will be having a (kinda) big celebration the weekend after his real birthday, I decided to book a beach vacation for us to celebrate on the day of his birth!

And the perfect destination: Batangas! Since it's just a short (long) drive. Haha! (For the hubby any drive which requires him to go behind the wheel for more than an hour is a long drive (;) I have a list of ALL the places I want to visit and one of them is Lilom located in Anilao. I've read about it from a few blogs and based on the stories and photos, I knew we had to experience this place!

 Swing your worries away!

It was a 1 1/2-2 hours drive from Sta.Rosa Laguna to Lilom, Anilao. The journey was so worth it! The map that they've provided was really helpful and easy to follow. Though some parts of the road can get a little tricky, with a few slopes. And getting to the actual place by foot can be quite an adventure, so make sure to wear slippers as your feet will get wet as you walk the rocky shores.

NOTE: Lilom is located in Anilao and Anilao is known as a famous diving spot in Batangas. So don't expect a Boracay kind of vibe here. No white sands or should I say, no sand at all! So best to keep your feet protected coz the area is surrounded by rocks!

 I can stay here forever!

The first thing that I said after the "challenging" walk and as I stepped inside Lilom was: WOW! The place was beautiful. I was so close to nature. No traffic, no smoke, no loud noises...  Just the summer heat, sea breeze and this cute little place.

So inviting!

Lilom has 7 rooms or "mini kubos" (as I like to call them) namely: Satcho's House, Butanding and Paraw all located at the lower ground. Tuko and Pawikan which are side by side and also both located on the lower ground. And Kubo and Capiz on the second floor. Each room has its own aircon, hot shower and a great view of the ocean! All of the kubos also has its own hammock, except for the ones on the second floor, but those 2 have an elevated terrace which is a perfect place to enjoy the view.

Fresh flowers! 

I didn't think twice when I booked Lilom. I knew I was paying for experience more than anything! But I was surprised when I got more! Yes, the people there were all so friendly (all smiles talaga!), the place made me relax after being stressed for months, the food was AMAZING and yes, I had the chance to spend some quality time with my little family and watch them enjoy all throughout our stay! 

How much for this wonderful place? For all the Kubos execpt Satcho's House (P3,300/head), the price is P2,800/head INCLUSIVE of ALL meals (lunch, dinner, breakfast, afternoon snacks and sunset cocktails) Yes, no need to bring in any food! But you are most welcome to bring in some snacks/chips. But I tell you, the food that they will serve is more than enough.(: We even had left overs for midnight snack! And if you're planning to drink, please buy from their mini store. I think a bottle only costs P40. It's their livelihood.(:

 You can stay here all day...

Satcho's House 

Satcho's House is the closest one to the ocean.

Our room

Lunch is served!

During my email conversation with them, I requested for Pancit as one of the ulams for that day, as it was my son's birthday. They didn't hesitate at all and they prepared like a mini party for us (sa dami ng food!) (:

You can enjoy the ocean view from here

What I like about this place is that it doesn't have a television. (We had a little "issue" with my 1st born as he wanted to watch cartoons. Haha!(: But after a while he enjoyed playing around the garden with his cars.) Since there is no TV I was able to relax completely and enjoy nature. I was able to connect to this beautiful scenery.

We also requested for a massage that night, which was about P300/hr. not bad! It was so relaxing that me and the hubby fell asleep right after! When we woke up, we had the resort all to ourselves (as in walang tao!) Even the staff went home. They have an honesty policy that if you purchase some drinks, you just tell them the next day.(:

TIP: Book Lilom on a WEEKDAY as it can get full on weekends. We had the WHOLE place to ourselves. As in we were the only family there. We booked it Tuesday-Wednesday.

I woke up to THIS!

You can wade your feet here as you enjoy the sunset (or sunrise!) (:

We spent most of our time in this mini pool. Even my 1 year old enjoyed it a lot!

 Water was warm since it was very hot that day!

The boys (yes including the hubby) enjoyed the mini pool so much!

He had a grand time playing in the garden

Look! There's my birthday boy doing "gigil"!

It was a (very) mini celebration for this little fella but I felt the happiness within our family.(:

My forever happiness (:

Happiest Birthday Little Miro!(: our baby angel!

Sunset Cocktails!

Their Calamansi Juice is really addicting! I tell you!

 We enjoyed our food PLUS this view!

Gotta take one selfie! (Pagbigyan na!) (: Dedma na sa "battle scars"!

His "summer look"

 Bonding before going

It was a terrific experience/vacation for all of us. It was our 1st family beach vacation after all, something that we will always treasure.(: We will surely visit this little place again!

BOOK your stay now:

A Little Place Called Lilom

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