Tuesday, March 17, 2015

SIPAHH: Sippin' FUN!

I'm a milk lover! Anything DAIRY is love for me! So I also want my kids to feel the same way about it. Afterall, milk is really nutritious and delicious! (Breastmilk is another story)

I was curious and thrilled at the same time when I saw Sipahh for the first time! I actually came across this awesome invention when I was buying cookies at Scout's Honor. So when they sent me a pack, I immediately tried it out! 

A fresh pack of Sipahh!

Sipahh actually stands for:
-more milk, less sugar everyday
-less than 1/2 a teaspoon of sugar per straw
-making healthy milk MORE FUN! (that's for sure!)
-portion control (believe it or not, one straw is good/exact for one glass of milk!)
-mess and fuss free
-great value for money (at P20/straw!)
-the perfect after-school milk drink!

Interesting story!

An Aussie Dad named Peter actually came up with the idea of inventing these flavored straws!

5 Flavors: Cookies & Cream, Choco-Mint, Chocolate, Strawberry and Banana! All oh-so-YUMMY!

Everytime you sip from your Sipahh, your milk magically turns into a flavored milkshake! It's enjoying your favorite milk, only better!

Tiny, little flavored dots inside each straw!

It's good to know that these tiny little dots actually provides:
-PROTEIN: the body's building blocks which are vital for growth and development.
-CALCIUM - 44% RDI: this essential mineral doesn't just feed healthy bones and teeth but also plays a role in nerve and muscle function.
-RIBOFLAVIN - 31% RDI: also known as VITAMIN B2 which fuels the body by helping release energy from food and assists protein metabolism.

My BabyBoyToy enjoying his Sipahh!

Sipahh is not only good for your little one's health, but it is also very yummy and fun to consume! My personal favorite is the Coco-Bean Chocolate! So is my little boy.(:

So if you want to add some fun and twist to your usual milk drink, grab a box of these happy straws now!

GET your own box here:

SIPAHH: Sippin' FUN!

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