Monday, March 9, 2015

Pursuit Community Gathering

I was blessed to be part of this event last February 21 at La Creperie Moderne in Salcedo Village. It was a beautiful afternoon which was made even more lovely with all the pretty ladies of Pursuit Manila.

La Creperie Moderne was adorned with flowers and designs all made with love.

Just lovely!

It was the second Pursuit gathering here in Manila and coming from an all-girls school, I just really feel happy being surrounded by like-minded ladies again.

Pursuit Manila


I would like to describe it in my own words and understanding. Pursuit is a community of creative ladies who show their love and praise to God through their beautiful creations and talents may it be at home, work or their own lives. It doesn't necessarily mean you have to be artsy and a crafter to be part of this. Anyone who has found their purpose or those who are still trying to find it can be part of Pursuit. I realized that we are all helping each other here. To be better, more productive individuals while keeping God in the center of our decisions.

Lovin' all the details

I was completely wow-ed when I entered the venue. 

Flowers everywhere

Oh yes, I have a boy's name (;

"Because HE first loved us."

The treats given to us left a smile on everyone's face. The Cake Jars by Sweetness Overload and Nutella Rocks by Bettinna Carlos were really good and yummy! The art goodies from Art and Sky and the wire letter ring from Signetura were both so cute! The Pursuit Cards were a hit that day!(: thanks to Rhiza for sharing them with us. It keeps me inspired these days.

Yummy Cake Jars!


Lovin' these Passion Cards

Our day started by worshipping and giving thanks to the One above for the wonderful day He had given us. For I realized, everything comes from Him. Thanks to the wonderful tandem of sisters Jam and Jem.

Giving praise to Him

Rhiza welcoming us all

The first activity for the day was the "Flower/Crown Making" activity. We were given some flowers, wires, green tape and were asked to prettify our crowns. The best crown will win a prize! 

Everyone got excited and busy as we all try our best to make our crowns beautiful.

It was a very fun activity and I'm happy coz now I know how hard it is to actually make a Flower Crown! Haha!(:

Bea teaching us how to make flower crowns

Let the Flower Crown Making begin!

My seatmates. The beautiful mamas of Pursuit!(;

Moms in Crowns!

Grabbed from: Rhiza

After the challenging activity we had a light snack courtesy of La Creperie. It was so good!(: Making my own crepe got me all excited again!

Crepe Buffet!

Look at all those toppings/fillings!

Super loooove their tea!

While we enjoy our snacks and tea, Julianne serenaded us with her beautiful voice. I love her song, "Beautiful Things". It was heart-warming and inspiring at the same time.

Julianne Tarroja

The beautiful "moms" of Pursuit!

They also gave away some books courtesy of OMF Literature. I was the lucky mom who got this book which was really timely since I have a "goal" of reading 1 book per month and I'm currently in a situation where I really need to renew my trust in my husband. (This book helps a LOT!) (: Thank you! See, God really works in all of us. He knows when we need a little "push" or inspiration.(:

Much needed "read" (: Thank you!

Some of my take home "quotes":

"Difficult people makes our love stronger."---nothing is easy. But I try to find the good in each situation. I realized that what I've been through these past years made me a stronger person.

"Be grateful and you will have the right perspective in life."---we may seem lost in what we do, not knowing where to go... Sometimes I even doubt my purpose. But everytime I feel grateful and thankful for all the things He has blessed me with, everything becomes clear again.

"Good or bad, God is always there."---THIS. There are times when I sin, but still, I feel God's presence. He pulls me back to reality and helps me to strengthen my faith in Him even more. 

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  1. Hi DK, this is a wonderful gathering that I'm interested in. I first saw it in Rhiza's chasing dreams. Hope I can attend one day. :)

    1. Hello!(: thanks for reading! Join the next one! Would love to meet you! Its on the 21st of this month.(: