Monday, March 30, 2015

A Sweet Candy Experience With Made In Candy!

Who doesn't love Made in Candy? I always get amazed everytime I passby their little booth or store and just stare at how they create those little candies I enjoy munching.

So I was SUPER happy when they invited me to experience a day inside one of their "labs" to experience and create my own candies (YAY!!). 

The kid in me chose their Glorietta branch for that day. It was a little booth located near Food Choices (or how I like to call it "Food Choi").


It was supposed to be a Mom-Son Experience, but my little boy was too kulit haha (:

Safety first!

First off, they gave me these safety gloves so that when I knead/roll the candy, my hands won't get burned during the process.

Whataface! And notice that I was also wearing BLACK that day! Belong ako!

Sugar mixture! CAUTION: VERY hot!


Made in Candy offers a wide range of flavors from Apple to Green Tea to Strawberry and Pineapple! They also have Mango, Orange, Lime which are all true to their taste!

Mixin' the colors with the sugar mixture

After they transfer the candy to the table, they quickly mix in the colors to achieve the same ones on our pattern.

Our pattern/design for today: RAINBOW!

I was delighted when I found out that we were going to make a rainbow! Wuhooo!! I was always amused (and curious) as to how they can come up with those teeny tiny patterns/drawings/letters and details in their sweet little candies. 

You too can personalize your own candy design! With a minimum of 4kg. You can share with them your ideas and they can come up with a design perfect for your special event!

Knead, knead, knead! 

It was fun, yet a lot of HARD work! Haha! Workout!!

Now stretch it!

Time to make our rainbow

We then divided the candies into different colors so we can make a rainbow.

Lovely, lively colors!(:

Can you see my little rainbow already?


Handmade with LOVE indeed!

Can you see the rainbow?

Making my own lollie!

The excess candies can still be made into Lollipops so that nothing will go into waste.

Can you guess which one I made? Haha ((:


Lollipop prices start at P70/pc. and P825-P1,650 for hand-crafted ones depending on the size. Trust me, it will take a while to finish one stick! And I love it!!

Foil Packs

Made in Candy sells their yummy goodies in different types of packs/packaging from Foil Packs (P50-P100) to those cute little bottles (P90-P260). Each filled with their hand-made candy treats!

Bottled Candies!

The next time you grab a pack and eat these addicting candies, know that each piece is really made with love and lots of effort!

Visit their stores now:
Power Plant Mall
Glorietta 4
Alabang Town Center
SM Mall of Asia
SM Megamall

A Sweet Candy Experience With Made In Candy!


  1. Nice one Kaity! This is my favorite candy store :) Was this shot at ATC?

    1. Hello Judee!(: love their strawberry flavored ones! This was at Glorietta, but we might have another session at ATC!