Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Milk Cow: Creamy Goodness in a Cup!

We are all aware that Korean trends are the "in" thing nowadays. Whether it's an accessory, a clothing line or even a band, almost everyone has been bitten by the Korean bug.

Though I am not a Korean fanatic, I immediately became a fan of this cafe which serves premium organic desserts.

Milk Cow just opened its first store here in the Philippines last December, 2014 at Eastwood City. (Another Korean trend to hit the country!)

Welcome Milk Cow!

Honey Yummy!

Natural is always BEST!

Honey Comb in an Ice Cream?

Natural Honey Comb!

Milk Cow is a cafe in Korea which is popular for their organic soft serve ice cream which they pair with various flavors or add ons. I super love the consistency of the ice cream. It is really creamy and stays that way even when it's already melted.

Some of their flavors

Some of the flavors that they serve (and I was able to try) are: Milky Cube (with natural honey comb), Milky Snow Drop (cotton candy, sea salt and jelly bean topping) and Cookies & Cream. All of which are incredibly tasty and true to its promise of being creamy and milky!

More sweet treats!

Other yummy treats

Aside from the sweet treats, Milk Cow also offers savory sandwiches and some hot beverages for the coffee lovers. What's a cafe without coffee right?(: And FYI they serve only the best Italian coffee beans! So you are sure that you'll have the best cup of joe on your visit!


Their Specialty/Best Seller: Milky Cube

I really loooove the Milky Cube! It was actually my first time to try a (natural) honey comb and it did not disappoint. Be sure to try this one!


Their macarons are so divine! They are not messy to eat and each bite is oozing with flavor. You have to try all the unique flavors.

So yummy!!

Love the colors and their packaging

For the sweet tooth

Croissant/Parmesan Basil Chicken

Their Croissants are really tasty. I love the Parmesan Basil Chicken so much that I was able to finish more than my share! The Croissant is really crispy on the outside and the inside is cooked just right.

Croissant/Pepperoni Pizza

With blogger friends, Glaiz and Joey (:

It was nice spending an afternoon with these two! We had fun over ice cream and croissants that we didn't notice the time anymore!

Be sure to visit and try out Milk Cow's delightful treats and for sure you'll keep coming back for more!

Check them out here:

Milk Cow: Creamy Goodness in a Cup!


  1. That really looks yummy! I hope they open a branch in Taguig. :)

    1. Crossing my fingers too! Eastwood is too far from my place. But their Ice Cream is really good!(;