Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Let 2015 BEGIN!

New Year, NEW BEGINNING! That's the first phrase you will see inside my 2015 planner. I believe in a fresh new start.(: so I want to share some of my goals/hopes this year so that together we can help one another achieve all our dreams, prayers and wishes!

But before I begin, I want to start this year by coming up with my "WORD FOR THE YEAR" which is: STRENGTH.

My month did not start out well or as planned, but that doesn't mean I can't have a good year. So I realized that for 2015, I want to focus (more) on my strength. Strength as a mother, wife, worker, friend and as an individual. I want to stand firm on my choices and decisions. I want to be more responsible and more focused on my goals. I've realized that if we have the right strength we can surpass anything. As I started this year, I found out that my strength comes from the One above. As he controls and decides our fate. What's your word for 2015? Can you apply this word to your goals?

With that said, I want to share my "mini" goals for 2015:

1. Be MORE organized.

Organization is the key!

I cannot start my year without a trusty planner. I swear. Or else everything will be a big blur! But what happens everytime, is that around the middle of the year, I get lazy to write my goals and I don't get to follow my "plans" anymore. This 2015, I want to achieve all the plans I have by writing them down and taking baby steps to achieve them.

2. READ one book per month.
Oh how I miss my reading time! Before getting married and having kids, I can read any book, anywhere at any time! This year, I hope I can do 1 book per month. Doesn't matter what the title is, as long as I feel like reading it! Join me?(:

3. Get ALL those photos printed and paste 'em!


I have 2 separate "books" for my boys plus TONS of photos to edit and print! I want to finish them all this year. I enjoy looking back at them and sharing them with my family/friends. As they say: "Memories are the only constant things in this world..." Sigh.

4. Continue reading OUR book.

My daily dose of inspiration!

Last year, I started reading this and it did help me understand and be (a little) patient with my husband. I'm on my second year of reading this and from time to time I share my thoughts with my husband and encourage him to be closer to God. I want to highlight all the phrases which struct me and try my best to absorb and apply it to our relationship.

5. Plan and actually GO on a trip/staycation atleast once a year with my boys.
If there's one thing I totally love to do, it has to be planning! Especially if I like what I'm planning for. My ultimate goal is to be with my boys somewhere far (or have a staycation) every year just to relax and enjoy as a family.(: And again as what they say: "TRAVEL is the only thing you buy that makes you richer."

CHEERS to 2015! May this year be the best one yet!

Let 2015 BEGIN!


  1. Love your list! Have a great year ahead!

    1. Thank you Ms.Teresa! Happy 2015 to you and your lovely family!(:

  2. I'm with you on the photos thing. It's so overwhelming to have photos in the camera, in the cellphone, in the desktop, in the laptop. :-)

    1. Hello Cym!(: true! I hate seeing all those memories go to waste. So now I print the really meaningful ones!