Monday, December 1, 2014

TokidokiXLeSportSac: 40th Anniversary Reunion

When there is a great collaboration, you'll know for sure that they'll come up with an even greater collection. So it is no surprise that TokidokiXLeSportSac has teamed up again for the 2014 Winter Collection of this iconic American lifestyle bag.


I was lucky to be part of this event as Simone Legno (the man behind these cute Tokidoki drawings) flew in from Los Angeles to promote the latest collection of TokidokiXLeSportSac.

Tokidoki which means "sometimes" in Japanese, is a cute, playful and pure yet provocative, sophisticated world that creator Simone imagines, lives and dreams of. He chose the word "sometimes" because he knows that everyone waits for moments that change one's destiny. Tokidoki is the hope, the hidden energy that everyone has inside, giving us the strength to face a new day and dream about something positive and that something magical will happen to us.

Simone inspiring everyone to paint

Everyone was given a blank canvas and some paints so they can just let go and unleash their creative sides!

My blank canvas

I on the other hand patiently waited for Simone to start my painting (this is a ONCE in a lifetime chance!!). 

Simone working his "magic"!

He was really "game" and welcomed everyone with a shy smile

Everyone was so busy
I was all excited, happy and totally wow-ed as Simone worked on the "bunny" I requested. And he made it even more special when he turned it into a boxer. He was a fan of boxing, he said. So Angeline (my lady boss in WheninManila) named him "Bunny Pacquiao". Just perfect!

Simone working on my "Bunny Pacquiao"


I'm so happy I swear!(: #fangirl-ing!

Instax fun!(:

There were roaming "instax" girls around the area and they gave us copies of our photos in an instant!

With my "boss" Angeline from (:

Presenting... The TokidokiXLeSportSac latest collection!

The collection is the finale of LeSportSac's 40th Anniversary with Tokidoki is just perfect for the gifting season. Giramondo has new winter all-over print and features the iconic Tokidoki characters on stamps from around the world which is perfect for this travel worthy collection.

Everything is LOVE!

You can find throughout the Giramondo print the cute little Palette which is an alluring leopard created by Simone.

Palette Doll Tote

Nuvola Tote in Giramondo

Urbana Backpack in Giramondo

The collection is really an eye candy and will truly capture everyone's attention as you tote it around wherever you go.

Truly this collaboration will make everyone excited and will look forward to more happy days with each bag!

TokidokiXLeSportSac at The Gallery, Greenbelt 5

You may avail the collection available at:
Store Specialist Inc.(SSI) in all Rustan's branches

NOTE: An iPhone was used to capture most of the photos (:

TokidokiXLeSportSac: 40th Anniversary Reunion

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