Monday, December 15, 2014

Tips on How to Capture Better Christmas Photos

It's the most wonderful time of the year!(: YES! Indeed Christmas is just around the corner. I'm excited to celebrate this one as we welcome our 2nd baby boy to our family celebration. Our little one is celebrating his first Christmas this year. YEY!(:

As what other people say, Christmas is for children. We should make this season the best one for them every year. Still, I am excited to prepare for them and celebrate this occasion. But one of the gifts I really want to receive (can I also say achieve?) this year is to have our Family Photo taken by a professional. 

This year, we had our photos taken by The Stork Studio. I've worked with them before and with each shoot I was able to remember some tips on how to achieve that perfect shot! Assisting shoots was not easy! But it made me gain some knowledge and hey it made my shots a lot better!(:

My boys (:

1. Know the best TIME of day for your KIDS. Yes, observe their sleeping patterns and the best time that they are "in the mood". If they are morning people, schedule a shoot in the morning.

2. TALK to them. Days before the actual shoot, I talked to my pre-schooler and told him how mommy really wants to have nice Christmas photos. I told him that if he wants to receive gifts (that's our deal. Haha!) he should behave well and pose infront of the camera. 

3. PREPARE them. My little one (7 months old) directly feeds from me (breastfed). So on our way to the shoot, I already gave him enough milk to keep him full all throughout the shoot. And he was in a good mood almost all throughout the shoot!

Mr.Santa and Little Reindeer

4. MATCHING outfits (or you can do color block!) It's nice that Stork Studio gave us some suggestions on what to wear during the shoot. But if ever you're planning to do your own, make sure that the colors go well together. And oh! Avoid shirts with "loud" prints/designs. You want people to focus on your face not on your clothes.(;

Our 1st Family Picture

5. SMILE and have FUN! I believe shoots should be fun for both you and the kids. So make it memorable for everyone! 

Thank you Stork Studio for the wonderful session!(:


Tips on How to Capture Better Christmas Photos


  1. Nice portraits! I want to book Stork Studio for our next family shoot ; )


    1. Hello Mrs.Martinez!(: you should! It's really worth it!(: