Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The PERFECT Last Minute Christmas Gift List!

Since Christmas is just a few sleeps away. I came up with my list of the PERFECT last minute gifts you can give to your family, friends, loved ones, etc.! (In NO particular order) These are the products I've come to love and I'm still using. (:

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1. For Moms: Breastfeeding: A Journey Worth Taking Book
Since I'm a (proud) Breastfeeding Mom, I would really recommend this book for ALL your mom friends. Inspire them and keep them motivated!

2. For the Kids: La Pomme Toys
If you want your kids to drop their iPads and use their imaginations in playing then give them these toys which are handmade with love. They also sell lovely home decors to give life to your house!

3. For the Lady who loves her hair more than anything: Tangle Teezer
Okay. So eversince I owned one of these amazing babies, my hair became more manageable and easier to detangle! This is an amazing product.

4. For that Special Lady: Charmed Life Accessories
I love gifts with meaning. This one I come to love as you can add and remove the charms inside the locket as changes occur in your life.

5. For the Babies: LeapFrog Toys
What I love about this brand is that they create/make educational toys. Toys which my boys (and your babies too) can use as they grow up.

6. For the Little Swimmer: Swimava Swim Ring
If only we can swim all the time, I'd use this over and over! This is an amazing invention as it helps in making the babies comfortable in the water. They also offer other floating devices for kids of all ages.

7. For those who need to RELAX: A QiWellness Massage/Getaway
One of my greatest discoveries this year is QiWellness in Tagaytay. The place is heavenly and I love how relaxing their massage is! A treat to this lovely place will truly make them feel relaxed this holiday season.

8. For the Kikay Girlfriend: Benefit Marjorette Blush
I swear by this blush! Benefit's Majorette is really easy to apply and makes your cheeks pop! I love the texture of the blush which magically turns your cheeks into a happy pink!

9. For the Shoe Lover: Melissa Shoes
The chic-est shoes in town! I wear my Melissa's with almost any outfit! I love these sweet-scented shoes and how comfortable they are in every step.

10. For those with a Sweet Tooth: Scout's Honor Cookies
You have to try their unique and one-of-a-kind cookie flavors (and milk!) to know how yummy and addicting they are. They are selling cookies in cute tin cans this holiday season.

11. For the Instagram Lover: Popless Lenses
My love affair with Instagram started just this year and this was the PERFECT accessory to make my photos even more attractive.

12. For the Bag Lover: TokidokiXLeSportSac Bag
Who doesn't love Tokidoki? The cute little drawings will make anyone smile in an instant. Their collaboration with LeSportSac makes them even more cool!

13. For the Person-Who-Has-Everything: Green Cheese Cheesecake
I've found my cheesecake match! These Japanese-inspired cakes will truly melt the heart of the receiver. I love giving food to people who are extra blessed in life to get anything they want.(:

14. For the Beauty Junkee: K-Palette Limited Edition Rose-Scented Eyeliner
Another great find for me this year is the K-Palette eyeliner which made me fall in love with eyeliners. Haha!(: Very easy to use and it lasts all day!

15. For the Friend who likes to keep it Natural: Burt's Bees Gift Sets
For anything natural and good for the skin, I trust only Burt's Bees! (that sounded like a commercial, right?) Hehe!(: Kidding aside, this brand stays true in keeping your skin healthy. Plus! Their Gift Sets are uber cute!!

16. For the Candy Lover: Made in Candy 
I just can't stop munching on their strawberry-flavored candies! So addicting. Plus their designs will surely bring a smile to your friend's face.

There you have it! I hope I was able to help you decide on what to give to that special person in your life!(: But more than anything, remember that Christmas is about spending time with your loved ones while remembering Christ as we celebrate together. Happy Holidays!!(:

The PERFECT Last Minute Christmas Gift List!

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