Monday, December 15, 2014

Pofuff: Make Your Kids Creations (drawings) Come to LIFE!

I am one of those moms who will do everything to "freeze"/capture/remember every little milestone and achievement of my little ones. I really look forward to what they can do next and make sure that I can look back to it and feel that they are still babies (but they will FOREVER be babies to me, I tell you! Haha!)

As my pre-schooler ends this year, I found out that he can already write and draw some figures already! WOW. I am truly amazed by his little achievement. I looked at all his work and I wished that I can make them even more special somehow...

I was browsing the internet, I chanced upon these amazing and wonderful creations wherein they turn your little one's masterpiece into an actual stuff toy! Yes, they make their artwork come to life! Copying every little detail in their drawing. So imagine my surprise when one of the stores I inquired on turned out to be helping the families who are in need here in the Philippines! (WINNER!!)

Pofuff is a company who encourages creativity in every child by turning their creations into reality! They create one-of-a-kind stuff toys through a child's drawing.

How does it work?

The Creative Journey

Everything is made with love and care at Pofuff. They use only the best fabric and stuff toy fill in each of their creation making sure that they are safe for children. They also make sure that the team of moms from Iloilo are really trained to make the artwork come to life!

What's nice about their company is that part of the proceeds help the families in Iloilo. You get to keep a happy memory and at the same time you make other people happy too. Win-Win right?(:

And this Christmas (Dec.18-Dec.24), they are offering their Pofuffs at 50% OFF! That's right you can order them at a very discounted price and make a family happy this season!

50% Off on Pofuffs!

Better grab this offer as it will only last for 7 days! I tell you this will be the best gift you can give and share with your little ones.(: I just ordered mine! And I can't wait to see the look on my son's face when he sees it!


Pofuff: Make Your Kids Creations (drawings) Come to LIFE!


  1. Thanks for this feature Kaity. Yes, sale starts today. We are removing the profit line and other operational expenses and stripped the price to a very affordable price because we want all the returns to go to toymakers and for those who really need a livelihood by raising funds for training nanays in toymaking. Love the writeup!

    And you have a lovely blog. I'm a male but I've been scrolling down and reading stuff from make-up to being a mom. Good stuff!

  2. I forgot here's the link to the order form:

    as long as the delivery address is in the Philippines, it automatically gets 50% off.

    Thanks again Kaity!

    1. You're most welcome Z!(: more power to Pofuff!