Monday, December 15, 2014

Green Cheese: The Happiest Cheesecake There Is!

We all have our own (favorite) comfort food. And mine would have to be Cheesecake. Just by hearing the word makes me feel all warm inside.(: And eating it makes me feel better with every bite.

So imagine my excitement when I discovered Green Cheese at the newly opened Hole In The Wall at Century City Mall!


Green Cheese is Japanese-type of Cheesecake created by Chef Mitsuma who is also the creative mind behind Patisserie BEBE Rouge. GREEN=Matcha and CHEESE=Cheesecake (their specialty).

I super love their concept! Everything was just so HAPPY! Their stall is simple yet very appealing to the people. (No wonder they get sold out most of the time!)


Currently they are offering 4 \ Flavors: Original, Matcha, Double Chocolate and Chocolate-Orange. All of which, I totally love!! The Chocolate flavored ones are their "special" flavors for the month of December. They will be releasing new flavors every season. Ohh! Can't wait for their V-Day special!! <3

The texture of their Cheesecake is really unique. Not too creamy, but it does melt in your mouth. All I can say is that, once slice is never enough!


I literally finished half of this in one sitting!

My favorite is the Matcha flavor. I love Green Tea and to pair turn it into a Cheesecake... Heavenly!

My Fave: Matcha!

Double Chocolate!

Take advantage of their Chocolate flavored ones while they are still available! I am hoping (and wishing) that this will be part of their regular menu! Pretty please?(:

All 4 flavors

Rowena (one of the Store Managers) made me really happy that day as she let me try (and take home!!) these happy Cheesecakes!

As I've mentioned, these Japanese Cheesecakes had an interesting texture and will have you hooked right away.


Green Cheese also serves their own version of Pudding which comes in 3 flavors: Milk, Matcha and Custard (their best-seller!). These puddings are really creamy and addicting too!

Iced Matcha!

Rowena also introduced me to their Iced Matcha drink. And now I am TOTALLY hooked! I visited their store the other day and it was already sold out! This drink is best paired with any of their Cheesecakes!

The HAPPIEST Gift!(:

Green Cheese will be the perfect gift for those "people who have everything".(: But honestly it is perfect to give to anyone at anytime! For the month of December they've made their packaging and Cheesecakes extra special by adding a Christmas-y theme to it. Their Cheesecake's "cheeks" are turned into snowflakes and their boxes have a santa hat! Sweet! For sure these treats will make this season even more sweeter and merrier!

GRAB these delicious happy treats NOW!:

Green Cheese: The Happiest Cheesecake There Is! 

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