Thursday, November 13, 2014

Scout's Honor's Cookies + Milk: A MUST Try!

A self-confessed "Cookie Monster" would probably be one of the best ways to describe myself. I am proud to say that I enjoy eating and munching on sweets (minus the guilt!).

So imagine my excitement when I heard about Scout's Honor! Described as a Craft Cookie Shop, Scout's Honor offers unique and freshly baked Cookies and Milk which will get you hooked the moment you take that first bite!

Hole In The Wall, Century City Mall

Located inside Hole In The Wall, Scout's Honor is one of the dessert booths inside this chic and modern "food court".

3 layers of COOKIE goodness!

For a dessert lover like myself, Scout's Honor is now what I like to call my "comfort place". They offer 10 different beautiful and uniquely flavored cookies (priced at P95/each) at the moment and they have this concept wherein you can DIY your own cookie (priced at P75/each). And you have the choice to pair it with the freshest cow's milk wherein you'll have the option to add a flavor to it (priced at P110)!

Fresh Milk!

Chef Miko Aspiras

The award-wining Chef, Miko Aspiras is the mind behind this sweet, new concept. His love for cookies and excellent skills in baking made Scout's Honor come to life. He is also the creator of those amazing Magnum desserts at the Magnum Cafe in SM Aura by the way. So you'll know you're REALLY in for a treat!

Cookie Menu

Cookie Inception

Thin Mints

Miko came up with 10 unique cookie recipes which will tickle your taste buds! All of them carefully hand crafted, made fresh everyday and baked to perfection!

I was really excited when Miko shared with me some of his creations: Samoas Dreams (coconut + caramel + salt on sable + breton cookie + striped with dark chocolate), Matcha Sesame (green tea + chocolate chip cookie sandwich + roasted black sesame + white chocolate filling), S'mores-Tag-Along (double shortbread cookie + milk chocolate layers + topped with campfire marshmallows + sprinkled with graham crumble) and Cereal Cookie Bar (molasses oatmeal cookie + topped with american buttercream and cereals). Their names are as interesting as their taste! 

And as if these mouth-watering cookies aren't enough, Miko also prepared a DIY Cookie for me! 

A guide in making your own cookie!

1st Step: Choose your COOKIE DOUGH

2nd Step: Go crazy over the TOPPINGS!

3rd Step: ENJOY your DIY Cookie! 

Though I wasn't really a fan of "savory" desserts, it was a good thing that Miko cooked up this cookie for me which was made from savory dough, SPAM and cheese. I swear, it is so good! Like a pizza cookie!

After munching on all these cookie goodness, I was also able to try 2 of their best-selling Milk flavors: Horlicks (malt) and Black Sesame which are both equally good and addicting I must say!

Horlicks (malt) and Black Sesame Milk

Scout's Honor carry both Whole Milk and Non-Fat Milk which they source out from California or Australia. They offer 12 flavors at the moment some of which are oreo, nutella and strawberry.

Flavored Milk Straws

These cute straws come in different flavors. You can purchase one and experience how it magically gives your Milk a different taste!

Milk + Cookies! You can't go wrong with this tandem!

Miko also shared with me that they will be offering different "special" cookies (priced at P230) every month.

Foie Grass Cookie

DIY Light

Love ALL the details!

My BabyBoyToy + their Cookie Cart!

Once Hole In The Wall opens up to the public, they will have this Cookie Cart roam around the area and you can order cookies straight from it!

Thank you Miko for sharing your passion with me!(:

I know found my new happy place! Plus the fact that Hole In The Wall has some really interesting interiors!

Check them out here:
Hole In The Wall, Century City Mall, Makati

Scout's Honor's Cookies + Milk: A MUST Try!

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