Monday, November 24, 2014

POPLESS: Makin' Phone Photos POP!

After YEARS of deciding of whether getting an iPhone is worth it... I've decided to give in and purchase my own Apple phone. Finally! After 5 generations! Haha (:

Since my main reason was to use it for "iPhonetography", I was really happy when I chanced upon this cool product by Popless. It was the perfect tool to carry everywhere as I shoot and capture memories.

Hype Worthy Stuff indeed!

Popless which means "less popular" is a brand which carries hype worthy stuff. Arnel, the man behind this ingenious creation wanted to share his love for good design and technology thus he came up with this useful and cool product.

Popless Lenses!

What's inside?

Each package contains 3 lenses: fisheye, wide lens and macro, a mini pouch, clip and a manual/guide. Priced at P400, which I tell you is really sulit (worth it) as you get 3 lenses already and endless shooting possibilities!


The lenses are pretty easy to use! You just screw it on the clip and attach it to your phone. The clip has a rubber attached to it so it won't scratch or damage your phone. And yes, you can use this on any camera phone! The interchangeable lenses are so easy to attach and detach as you take snapshots of your everyday life.

Attach it!

Fish Eye

The bulgy, framed-effect can be achieved using the Fish Eye Lens. This is perfect whenever I want to take shots of my kids as it makes their faces "glow" in some ways.

Wide Angle

My favorite is the Wide Angle Lens. I love how it can tell and capture the beauty of something by magnifying the subject and giving a slight distortion to the background.


The Macro Lens brings you closer to your subject. You need to get really close to your subject to get this effect.

I enjoyed using my Popless Lenses as it gave more character to my photos. I really take it anywhere I go and I love that it can fit my tiny purse. You can choose from 4 colors: pink, blue silver or black.

Watch out for my GIVEAWAY SOON!!(:

Grab one NOW and take amazing photos:

POPLESS: Makin' Phone Photos POP!

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