Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Chop Blocks: Stampin' Good Time!

In this digital age (Wow! That sounded so formal!), people are so obsessed taking "selfies". Sorry, but I'm not one of them haha!(: I used to be one, but now I find happiness in taking photos of my kids instead (they are in fact way cuter than me!). So going back, I stumbled upon this very cool product wherein they turn your selfie into a STAMP. Yes, you heard it right, a stamp! Like the ones you get on your hand once during your kinder days at school...

Pixaroll the company behind this awesomeness came up with an idea of turning our selfie portraits useful. Chop Blocks as what they call it is an interesting product that everyone will surely love and ENJOY!

SIDE STORY: I used Pixaroll once to order some prints straight from my phone/Instagram and they turned out to be great 4X6 Prints! It's a hassle-free way of printing your Instagram Photos and having it delivered to your door step at a very low price! Try it!!(:

What's inside a Chop Blocks Box?

Chop Blocks by: Pixaroll

You get this tiny box delivered to your door step!

Chop Block

Getting your own Chop Blocks is very easy. First ofcourse you have to choose your favorite photo. There should be a max. of 2 people in it. You can upload it on their website (link below) and their Artist will work their magic! Yes, an actual Artist will carefully draw your photo and after that they will have it approved by you before they actually turn it into a stamp.

How it actually looks

What I love about this idea is that I get to have a personalized stamp that no one else in this world will have! Unique and very much useful as I can use it on letters, as a "signature" to my gifts, to design my scrapbooks or label my stuff and much more!

(4) Stamp Pads

Selfie Stickers (which I totally adore!)

I'm actually having a hard time trying to figure out where to stick these stickers!

You will also be provided with a Digital Copy of your image so you can still re-print it to your heart's delight!(:

Stamp away!

All these awesomeness for only SGD60! 

Get your OWN Chop Blocks now:

Chop Blocks: Stampin' Good Time!