Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Bald Baker: Maker of The Most Gooey Cookie!

Gooey, chewy and YUMMY! 3 words that would best describe the perfect cookie for me! And after searching for a long time, I finally found the perfect one!

Meet The Bald Baker! What's with the name? Well, you have to meet the amazing guy behind this amazing cookie to know why!(:

The Bald Baker

Cy (The Bald Baker) started out as an advertising guy but soon found his way back to his first love which is baking. Just last summer of this year (2014) he started making cookies and people just kept asking for more! Who wouldn't? The cookies are baked to perfection! And I tell you, it's really addicting!

What I find REALLY amazing about The Bald Baker is that he is a one-man team! From buying ingredients to baking, to packing... Everything is operated and managed by Cy. He even delivered my box of cookies! Haha (:

Chocollows and Marshmallow Milkies

These are 2 out of the (currently) 3 flavors. Both cookies are actually soft and chewy. I love them both, honestly! Here are their main differences: Chocollows are loaded with semi-sweet and dark chocolate chips and gooey marshmallows. Plus they have crispy caramel edges. While the Marshmallow Milkies are made with creamy white choco chips, specs of fun fetti, milk crumble and gooey marshmallows. This was described by Cy as a reminiscent of the 90's American grocery birthday cakes. Both are really addicting!

BabyBoyToy lovin' the cookies so much!

To prove that these cookies are addicting, I told my little one to taste it... And BOOM! He was instantly hooked! Please take note that this little boy is really "pihikan"/choosy when it comes to food! So I can say that this yummy treat is BabyBoyToy approved!

I am excited for the new flavors and sweets that Cy will come up with/release in the near future. For sure those will be a hit too!


And yes we finished the box in just one day! 

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The Bald Baker: Maker of The Most Gooey Cookie!

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