Thursday, October 30, 2014

Monster House: A DIY (Family) Project

I just have to share our first DIY Family Project! Everyone and I mean everyone had a contribution on our little Monster House concept.

Last weekend, it was the first time for our "Weekend Home's" village to have a contest for the Best Halloween Designed House. We were all up for the challenge! Everything you see here were done and executed in 3 days! Cramming!! Haha (:

Monster House

We searched for pegs online and decided to do a "wholesome" version. My favorite part was the eyes and teeth. We had a little bit of a dilemma here on how we can attach it to the house. For this, we used white cartolina, red and black art paper and I'm not sure what you call those clay like things you use to stick stuff. Blue Tack? Dilemma solved!

For the ghosts, we used some white balloons, bought some white cloth, kawayan/sticks, wires and electric tape (for the eyes and mouth). The hubby used LED lights with batteries attached to them to light up the ghosts and some of the pumpkins.


My cousin who was the "art" expert was the one responsible for making the face and the cutout bats.

Bats + Pumpkins!

The arrow signs (pat on my back. Haha!) are my babies. I painted an illustration board black (imperfectly) and painted white words on it.

Where to?

All our lights (including the ones inside our house) were covered with red cellophane wrappers!

And just behind this lamp you can see some webs. We just bought them at SM for P50/pack! Not bad right?

Some red eerie lights

Even my son's bike was screaming HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!(:

Even my BabyBoyToy's bike got pimped!

Our little candy giver

We all had a blast making and admiring our first little project. Wuhooo!! Although we didn't know who the winner was (haha!) We are very proud of the outcome and the fact that a lot of people and kids were "Wow-ed!" by our house and most of them took photos too!

My 4 year old on the otherhand had fun giving out candies and he even said he prefers giving rather than trick or treatin'! 

Come Halloween 2016! We are ready and excited for you!(:

NOTE: An Iphone was used to capture all these awesomeness (:

Monster House: A DIY (Family) Project


  1. Oh, I love what you did to your house! Excellent! :)

  2. OMG! We don't celebrate halloween as a family but your DIY project is excellent! Ang saya siguro!

    Teka! Aren't you the winner of that contest? Super panalo! Love the ghost balloons!

    1. Hello May! Aww!(: thank you!

      We honestly don't know who the winner is! Na-challenge tuloy kami for next year hehe (: