Tuesday, October 21, 2014

MomME Time with Baby and Breakfast

From time to time, I promised to reward myself with a little something to keep me "sane" from all the responsibilities I have to face. I'm not complaining! But us moms need some time to breath and re-connect with ourselves too. Agree?

So last week, I was blessed to attend Baby and Breakfast's MomME Time at Spaces by Babyland in Shaw, Mandaluyong.

No color-coding scheme can stop me from attending this event! And yes, I almost missed half of it due to the heavy traffic and the taxi drivers who don't know where Babyland is. It was a challenge but it was all worth it!(:

By the way, Baby and Breakfast is my go-to site when I need inspiration for parties and some DIY designs. Their site inspires me to create and craft the party of my turning 1 year old baby boy. I spend hours browsing the featured parties on their page!

Mom-ME Time (:

When I entered the place, I was like... WOW! Where am I? Whenever I enter and exit the door to Spaces by Babyland it's like I am in two different places at once! Gideon Hermosa really did a great job making the place look like a magical garden.

Just WOW!

Lovelots Cake Cookies

K. by Cunanan Catering

S'mores Galore!

Drinking Station

I love that it has my name on it!(: (actually its a name tag)

I have to admit, personalized stuff is my weakness! So when I was escorted to my seat, I was all "Aww...!" when I saw my name and all the goodies waiting for me.

Nice work by: Snapperdoodles

Yes. Everyone gets a pair of these comfy flats!

The first part of the event was a DIY Flower Crown Activity which I missed (Grrr!! for the traffic!). Each mom was happy and busy designing her own crown with flowers and stuff.

DIY Flower Crown area

We had a heavy merienda. And the food was really delicious! 

The food was really good!

Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio and Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan were the inspiring moms who shared their stories with us for that day. Rica shared some of her family's photos and the places they've been to and how she's waiting for the day that she can bring Philipbo (her baby) on her mountain adventures. She gave us some questions to answer and share with our seatmates. Maricel on the otherhand emphasized the importance of having some time to ourselves. I remember her saying that it is not bad to ask help from someone from time to time to watch over our little ones. We should be able to give importance to ourselves so that we can take care of our family even better.

Rica's questions for the day... Something to ponder on...

My seatmates and I had a chance to share some of our mommy stories and also some of our passions in life.

I realized that we shouldn't be consumed with all the tasks on hand. Being a mom is not an excuse to be "loshang". (I didn't spot a "loshang" mom during this event!) We all (yes, especially moms) deserve some spoilin' from time to time. 

With my seatmates: Danica and Frances (Breastfeeding Moms UNITE!)

Pretty Moms Nicole and Nikka

With TheGoMom, Lilian (Yey!! Nice meeting you!), Rissa and Rica

My seatmates and I with Rica

Yes, I know! It was supposed to be a "me" time, but my 5 month old breastfeeding child can't be left behind (or else he will starve) haha!(: So yes, even though I was carrying him 80% of the time (thanks to the hubby for always accompanying me), I still enjoyed my day.

With my Breastfeeding Baby!

And besides, I wouldn't be here anyway if not for my babies. For they are the reasons why I am now called a MOM.(:

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