Thursday, October 23, 2014

Melt with this Chocolate!

Who doesn't love chocolates? The only person I know who is not a fan of (any) sweets is my husband! Haha!(: I know. We are complete opposites! I can't survive a week without eating a bar of my favorite chocolate, he on the otherhand can't stand eating a "piece" of any sweets!

So I got all giddy when I found Melt Chocolates on Instagram.


What started as a small business selling chocolates to her classmates, Kim now runs an online site (Instagram) wherein she sells Melt (milk belgian, dark belgian and white belgian in a bottle), Cupcakes (red velvet, chocolate, blueberry) and Cakes in a Jar (oreo cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake, nutella and ferrero). But Kim tries to focus more on Melt since there are still a few people offering this type of home-made dessert (well atleast online).

My bet: Milk Belgian!

I was one of those people who asked Kim if the chocolates would melt easily once she ships it. Surprisingly, they didn't! She carefully wrapped them in a cold bubble wrap and when it arrived at my doorstep they were still perfect! When asked why it is named that way, she said that once you eat her chocolates, it will melt perfectly in your mouth!

Milk Belgian and White Belgian

Personalized Chocolate in a Bottle

For P50 you can get a bottle of her delicious belgian chocos! You can even have them personalized if you're planning to give them as favors to one of your parties/events!

I tried using this on my S'mores and they were perfect! I swear! Just get a pack of graham crackers, top it with a white fluffy marshmallow and add one Melt choco, put it in the micro and VIOLA! Instant (fast) dessert! This is one of my favorite midnight snacks!

Melt is <3 !

So whether you want to munch on something sweet or just want to give someone something unique, then Melt is a sure fire treat!

Order now:

Melt with this Chocolate!

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