Monday, October 6, 2014

Brew Your Best Year: Happiness is Sharing it with Others

When we share we give something to someone which we can never take back. May it be time, a thing, a memory...

Last weekend I was again blessed to attend one of CBTL's Brew Your Best Year Workshops. For this session, we were enlightened on how good and wonderful it is to share.

CBTL invited one of Make a Wish Foundation's volunteers and he explained to us how we can make a difference by touching the lives of others.

Making Others Happy

"No one is too poor to give. No one is too rich to receive."

The joy found in helping others

Make A Wish Foundation

He shared with us that the people in Make A Wish Foundation have different wishes, wish to: have, go, meet or give. Yes, they to have dreams of giving and sharing with others. Sharing isn't always about money or material things. You can share your talents too. You must know what you are good at so you'll know what to share with others. Once you know your strengths there will be no burden in giving.

And he left us with this question...

After his short talk, Coffee Bean treated us to a cup of coffee and some yummy pasta!


CBTL's YUMMY Spaghetti!

And then it was time for the Doodle Workshop to begin...

Memory Crafters

Nico Redrico aka Paperboy is a Graphic Designer/Illustrator. He challenged us to make 3 doodles that day. He asked us to think of 3 words/important things for us and from there we'll begin our doodle.

Nico aka Paperboy showing us his chosen word and the doodles around it

Everyone was serious and busy with their artwork. Some of the guests presented their masterpiece infront and explained their work to us. It's inspiring to hear their stories.

One of the simplest and cutest artwork made by one of the guests

Sharing his "coffee" art/doodle

Thanks to Stabilo for all the materials!

Ofcourse the only thing that matters to me now is my family. My world revolves around them and they are everything to me.(:

What I doodled...(:

Get INSPIRED and maybe share/join the next workshop here:

Brew Your Best Year: Happiness is Sharing it with Others

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