Monday, October 6, 2014

Benefit: Majorette Makeup Workshop

I am totally hooked with Benefit's Majorette! I love the natural flush it gives to me cheeks and the staying power! Not to mention the lovely scent it releases everytime I use it! I came across this "magic" blush when I attended their opening at Alabang Town Center. And (again) I'm totally hooked!

So a few weeks back I attended one of Benefit's mini workshops at their newly opened pop-up store in Central Square, BGC. Nikki Tiu of AskMeWhats gave a makeup demo on how to apply and use this amazing blush!


The pop-up store was really lovely! As always, you can try all their products here.

Central Square, BGC


Nikki worked her magic on her model. She made the demo more interesting by applying makeup only on half of the model's face so we can see the difference. One of the tips I got from Nikki is how to apply foundation. I always thought that we should apply everything in an upward direction. But I was wrong, foundations/powder has to be applied in a downward direction as our hairs grow that way (downward), so we have to follow it to get an even finish.

Nikki Tiu doing her magic!

Majorette can be applied alone or together with your favorite Benefit box' o powder blushes! It can actually amplify your powder blush!

Apply, apply...

Another trick I learned from Nikki is applying some brown eyeshadow on the sides of your nose to make it look more "matangos". Oh! I know most of us Filipinos love to achieve the "matangos" look on our noses!

Some nose "tricks"

She also shared a "kissable" lips trick just by applying a small amount of gloss in the middle of your lips!

Make 'em pouty!

After the workshop everyone was excited to try out the products that Nikki used during her demo.

Attendees trying on some of the products

The star of the day: Majorette

I just had to!(:

Bring it!(:

I learned a lot from Nikki's workshop and I had fun trying out other Benefit products.

Stay up to date with Benefit's latest products and workshops here:

Benefit: Majorette Makeup Workshop

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