Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Benefit-kind of Make Up Workshop

Benefit Cosmetics recently had two Make Up workshops at their Greenbelt and ATC branch respectively. At first I thought it was just going to be a Brow Tutorial, but when I arrived at Greenbelt I was surprised that it was actually a "real" Make Up Workshop!

Benefit, Greenbelt

Benefit Gal, Miakka Lim led the workshop and she was really good in explaining each step and assisting each of us. Since we were a very small group, she was able to give us all tips and tricks based on our own skin type.

Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize!

We all know that a good makeup starts with a clear canvas. That is why the first step during our workshop was to clean our faces. Benefit offers all these products which will give you a smooth, clean skin!

After that we tried out different foundations and searched for the one which will suit our skin tone.

I so love POREfessional!

Benefit's POREfessional is a wonder product for me! You apply it before the foundation and a little amount goes a long way! It makes my skin matte and it smells really good. I also love their Hello Flawless Foundation, you can actually apply this using your fingers and it gives a natural finish.


They actually have different concealers. My favorite is Lemon Aid! I wasn't able to take a photo, but I wanted to share this little discovery of mine so I grabbed this photo from their website! Lemon Aid really covers the red areas on my face especially on the sides of my nose! Erase Paste is best used for the undereyes! I learned then when applying concealer at this part, we should make a letter V and just pat away to cover those nasty eyebags!

Lemon Aid (grabbed from benefitcosmetics.com)

After concealing all the redness and imperfections on our face, Miakka chose the right shade of powder for us. This will set everything in and make our faces look flawless!

Hello Flawless Powder!

Next we moved on to the Eye Shadow. Now this the tricky part since I am not a fan of eyeshadows and I don't know how to apply it! At all! Haha (: All of us were challenged that afternoon, but Miakka made everything look so easy for us.

Stay Don't Stray keeps the eyeshadow in place!

Very "wearable" colors both for day and night

They're Real Eyeliner

SIDE NOTE: I had to leave early that afternoon because we had another appointment and the little one was crying like a monster already (haha!) I know! Motherhood! Thanks to Kriska for being such a sweetheart and asked one of the Benefit ladies to shape my brows before I go.

Brow Shaping

I learned that having well-groomed eyebrows make a BIG difference on your entire look! 

See the difference?(:

Benefit has all the products you'll need to achieve that WOW! Brows!(: Plus they offer Brow Waxing wherein they use a special technique to determine the best brow shape for you!


Did I mention that if you attend one of their workshops, you'll receive a mini loot packed with their best-selling products? Yes! All for P1,000! Super sulit! Since you'll learn a lot from the workshop and you'll get to take home sample products to try and practice at home.

Mini Samples!

So cute!(:

Now I am convinced to get the full-sized POREfessional!

Check out their instagram for announcements on their NEXT workshop:

A Benefit-kind of Make Up Workshop

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