Tuesday, September 9, 2014

QiWellness Living: A Relaxation Haven

Whenever I want to relax and unwind, Tagaytay is definitely on top of my list! Aside from the fact that it is just a few minutes drive from our place, the cool breeze relaxes me in an instant (not to mention the amazing view!)

So when I was invited to experience QiWellness Living (I've already had an idea based on online research as to how the place looks like and what they offer) I was REALLY excited! I was already imagining myself being at the place days before!

Enter the Big Red Door

When we entered the place, we were greeted by a loud GONG! I was startled but then upon seeing the view, I felt like I was in a different place and I was totally amazed by how beautiful the Taal Lake really is.


Receiving area

Interesting chairs! A dining area which can seat 10-12 people

The AMAZING architecture of the place!

Ken (owner) explained to me that the design of the place follows that of the centuries-old architecture of the Chinese mixed with some modern touches.

The Tea House's Roof! Which I totally love!

The Tea House (Yes! Those are my boys!)

The relaxing view!!

Imagine dining and enjoying this view at the same time!

That night I, together with my boys and other "down south" bloggers were treated to an 8 Course Yin Yang feast carefully (and freshly!) prepared especially for us! And yes, we dined under the stars while enjoying the cool Tagaytay breeze!

For starters we were given some wine and bread. 

White Wine? Anyone?

Mantao + Butter

And then the feast began!

Money Bag of Foie Gras and Green Apple with Chestnut Puree

Tuna Tartare with Pineapple and Pickled Shallots

Pumpkin Soup with Poached Egg and Shitake Dumpling

The soup made me feel warm all over. 

Endive, Roquefort, Walnut, Roasted Pear Salad with Pomegrenate Vinaigrette

The freshest salad I've ever had! It is so crunchy and it smelled good!

Pan-Seared Sake, Marinated Scallops with Avocado Puree

Pacific Black Cod on Buckwheat Noodles with Orange Teriyaki Glaze

This has got to be my favorite. It was my first time to try Cod and now I'm "hooked"! Haha!(: It was perfectly paired with the Buckwheat Noodles too!

Beef Striploin with Sichuan Pepper, Spatzle, Snow Peas and Truffle Jus

Cardamon Custard and Strawberry Sorbet with Crumble and Soil

I love, love Sorbet and this is one of the best ones I had! Paired with Custard and some Crumble. Interesting texture!

My boys all happy with their dinner!

My boys were all happy with our dinner! (NOTE: It is best to experience this place without the kids as you will be more relaxed with the stillness of the surroundings. But KNOW that 99.9% of the time I take my kids with me! Whether it be travel, food trip or whatever! Its just that this place is made for one to relax and release some stress so it's best to keep it peaceful.)

After having our hearty meal, we were able to explore the rest of the place. And as expected, we were all mesmerized by its unique structure and beauty.

First we were able to see the Opium Den wherein you can have your Qireflexology here. One good thing about this place is that you can choose to have massages WITH or without clothes. 

Can you hear the birds chirppin'? Yes, those are bird cages!

The recorded sound of the birds will surely relax your mind.

A unique Qireflexology experience awaits you here!

What about a back massage? With or without clothes, its your choice!

The Bath House is one of my favorite spots in this place! You have the full view of the lake, trees and the beautiful surrounding while experiencing the therapeutical wonders of using the Hot and Cold baths. Ken explained to me that the mini pools represent Yin and Yang =  Hot and Cold. He said there should always be balance within us.

You may also choose to have your massage outdoors

Yin Yang Baths

Meet the wonderful Ken and Rita!

Relax and Unwind here:

QiWellness Living: A Relaxation Haven


  1. So happy you could join us here, Kaity!! :D

    1. Thanks to YOU, Patt!(: we had a wonderful time! See you soon!(: