Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Oreo Bento Together Workshop

A few weeks back I was invited to an Oreo Bento Workshop at Mann Hann in San Juan (it rhymes!). It was a day dedicated to our favorite creme cookie! Yey!(:


Different flavors

Lovin' this Oreo pad!

The workshop was organized by Oreo and The Bento Mommas. I was excited to learn the art of bento making as it is becoming a trend these days.

Thank you for the delicious food, Mann Hann!

Before the bento workshop started, the Brand Manager of Oreo shared a few words.

Princess Pacanuayan, Oreo Brand Manager

Princess gave a brief intro about Oreo. Did you know that the Oreo cookie that we love symbolizes a family? Yes! The 2 cookies represent the parents while the filling/creme represents the child. So the child (creme) bonds us together, just like the cookie itself! When we eat an Oreo, it connects us to each other and at the same time brings out the child in us. She mentioned that Oreo is not just delicious, but it is also one of the reasons for families to have quality time together. Interesting, right?(:

After her introduction, everyone was really giddy to learn how to bento! 

The Bento Mommas

The Bento Mommas taught us the basic steps in making a bento. But first, what is a Bento? In Japan, bento is known as a "box", here in our country it is known as "baon". Bento Mommas started their love for making these cute baons mainly because they wanted to control the portion/size of their kids' snacks and it was a fun way for them to introduce healthy food to the little ones.

Meet the Mommas!

Bento Tools! (Lookie!! There's Hello Kitty!!)

They also sell bento tools online! And trust me they have lots of these stuff you can play with!

They provided us all with the basic tools used in creating these wonderful boxed baon.

Some tools in bento-ing!


Our first challenge was to make a Bento Bear! The Bento Mommas did a demo and we followed each step carefully.

This BROWN rice tasted good!

Hello Bear!(:

I can't imagine I was able to really create "something" with my bare hands! Making the bear takes a lot of patience and you need to be very careful too in placing the eyes and the other elements on its face as the nori (seaweed used in sushi wrapping) is really delicate. Good thing the details were already pre-cut!

After the bear challenge, we were each given a print out of a bento that we have to replicate, this time using Oreos. The best Oreo Bento won a bento book from the mommas! Yay for her!(:

Here is my creation all boxed up!

The Moms, the Kids and the Bentos!(:

It was a fun and interesting learning experience for me. My patience was tested and I felt fulfilled that I was able to bring the ingredients/food to life! But what really made this day special was being able to meet and keep new people/friends.(:

Check out The Bento Mommas here:

Oreo Bento Together Workshop

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