Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Snapperdoodles Workshop Experience

If there is one thing, one thing that I've been wanting to learn eversince, it has to be lettering! I love to write and I try to be creative with my handwriting, but I'm not a natural. Haha!(: So I was really excited when I had the chance to attend Snapperdoodles Workshop! YAY!(:

Snapperdoodles Workshop

Pearl Choco is the wonderful lady behind Snapperdoodles. This lady loves to doodle on anything at anytime! Her love for doodlin' started way back when she was still a student and just recently she started conducting workshops, selling items and accepting commissioned works by using her amazing talent.

Snapperdoodles which means "life in snaps and doodles" is a collection of Pearl's wonderful and inspiring artwork which I was able to chanced upon on instagram. Most of her work are based on life problems she encountered which she wants to share with other people so she can inspire them.

The Snapperdoodles Workshop is usually a one-on-one workshop at your preferred cafe in Quezon City. We agreed to meet in a small cafe in Tiendesitas as it was more accessible for me. Pearl's workshop is very hands on as she will teach you the basics of lettering from its meaning, to its anatomy and ofcourse the steps in achieving that "WOW!" lettering!

Typography? Lettering? 

After learning the basics, Pearl showed me how to create different types of letters and she gave me tips along the way. She also showed me her pen collection and the purpose and differences of each.

Different types of pens for different uses!

Pearl was very patient and helpful as she teaches me. There were exercises I had to do after each lesson and she guided me as I create every letter.

Practice! Practice!

Yay!(: I am now officially a Snapperdoodler!


Meet the wonderful Pearl Choco!

It was also nice to learn more about Pearl and how she started. I love that most of her work are inspired by God's teachings which make it more meaningful!

Check out her work and workshop schedules here:

My Snapperdoodles Workshop Experience

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