Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bobbi Brown: Pretty Powerful Makeup Lesson

Two Words: Pretty. Powerful! I was completely intrigued when I got a voucher for a 45 minute "Pretty Powerful" Makeup Lesson at any Bobbi Brown makeup counter. I got excited when I learned that my cousin also got the same voucher! So it means we will be attending the workshop together!

So last weekend we both went to Rustan's Makati to avail our Bobbi Brown Makeup Lesson.

Bobbi Brown's Makeup Lessons

I enjoyed testing and playing around with all the makeup. Honestly, I try, try my best to achieve a no-makeup look or should I say a natural look. But working full-time as a work-at-home mom and taking care of two active boys makes it difficult for me put that barely there makeup since I would still look like a zombiemom! So this lesson was very timely for me as I needed a makeover (AS IN NOW NA!)!


Look at all those shades!

SIDE STORY: Thanks to this workshop I was able to find THE perfect lip shade for me: Soft Rose! Oh yes! You're on my To-Buy-List!(:

Choose the right shade to achieve a natural look!

Jeff was the makeup artist assigned to me that day. He carefully explained to me each step and how important it is to follow this routine.

There are actually 10 (Bobbi Brown) Steps to achieve a Pretty Powerful look:

1. Skin: I always hear this line: "The best canvas is a clear/clean canvas." Same goes to our face, applying makeup to a clean and clear face makes everything easy. The Bobbi Brown skin care line made me skin feel and look flawless! I swear, my skin still feels soft the next day!

2. Corrector/Concealer: One of the makeup artists told me that day the concealer is the secret to the universe. She also added that Bobbi Brown is an advocate in correcting and hiding those nasty imperfections! And yes that includes my ugly eyebags!! Yikes!

3. Foundation: One tip I learned from my makeup artist, Jeff that day is to apply 3 different shades of foundation to your jaw line and see which one disappears. And that my friend is the perfect shade for you!

4. Powder/Bronzer: A small amount of powder is dusted over my face to set my foundation. And Jeff taught me how to properly apply a bronzer which is like drawing a big number "3" on my cheeks!

5. Blush: Jeff added a pop of color to my cheeks to give me a soft, natural flush!

Some of the stuff he used on my face

6. Lips: Jeff applied my "natural" lip color that day and I immediately fell inlove with the shade! He also told me that I should apply the lipstick first before applying the lip liner.

7. Brows: Now we all know that having well-groomed and shaped brows will make a huge impact to our look. That is true. So we also have to fill in the brows where there are gaps and spaces to make it look more (can I say) intense?(:

8. Eyes: I am not a fan of eye shadows. (Coz' I'm tamad like that! Haha!) but my makeup artist applied the barely there shades and it made my eyes bigger! (Ang galing!)

9. Eyeliner: I used to be a fan of eyeliners until I got tamad also to apply it. But it helps a lot in defining your eyes and gives you that "powerful" look!

10. Mascara: And last, you need to curl, curl those lashes first (No matter how short they are! Like mine!) then apply multiple coats of mascara!

Whew! Easy right? Haha!(: Jeff told me that once I get used to this, it will only take me less than 30 minutes to achieve the Pretty Powerful look!

My personalized skin care and makeup list!

After the makeover, Jeff gave me a list of all the products he used plus a step-by-step guide. And I told him to include some of the tips he shared with me. Thank you, thank you! Since my memory can't recall every single step! Haha!(:

TADA!(: Pretty Powerful huh?

Thank you Jeff!(:

So if you need an instant lesson on how to achieve anything "natural/barely there" for your look head on over to any Bobbi Brown counter near you!

By the way, you can get an instant makeover or makeup (if you're attending an event or if you just feel like you want an extra "pretty" boost!) for P1,000! Just approach any of their artist and they will gladly transform you!(:

Check out their page for more makeup tips and promos:

Bobbi Brown: Pretty Powerful Makeup Lesson

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