Thursday, September 11, 2014

Benefit Down South!

One of my favorite make up brands recently opened its doors down south! Yes! I was so happy when I found out that Benefit will be opening at Alabang Town Center! A 30 minute drive from my place. Woah!

Benefit LOVES ATC! Yay!(:

Last September 5th, I was one of the lucky few who had the chance to attend the opening of the largest Benefit boutique in Southeast Asia!

Bloggers and some members of the press attended the mini event at Alabang Town Center.

Cake Pops!

Mini Cuppies!

The guests were treated to sweets and treats that day! Everyone was happy trying out all the Benefit products.

Love, love Maybe Baby's scent!

One of their best sellers---They're Real Mascara!

With Laureen and Lou! Nice meeting you both!(:

With Benefit Girl, Kriska! Thanks for having me!(:

Everyone was also excited as Benefit introduced the newest addition to their blush line---Majorette!


And if that wasn't enough everyone was entitled to a free (yes, free!!) Brow Wax that day. I was so happy to experience Benefit's waxing service as I've heard they are one of the best when it comes to brow shaping.

Brow Wax!

It was actually my first time to get a professional eyebrow service! Good thing Glenda (Benefit Brow Expert) was really nice and funny while she was doing my brows.

Shape 'em!

Benefit has a unique way of shaping your brows. They undergo "strict" training before they are able to handle customers.

As you can see above, anything beyond the lines will be waxed off.

TADA! All clean!(:

I didn't know my brows can get any neater! 

Thank you Glenda!(:


Look who came with me!(:

Happy Loot for everyone!(:

And yes, we all got our own Majorette to try out!

The following photos were taken at home already.

Meet Benefit's Majorette!

Oh yes, it has its own mirror!

The cream to powder blush smelled really good and stayed on my face for hours! I really like its soft, powdery consistency! It glides on easily and it suits my morena skin tone! I'm totally hooked!

So for all you Benefit lovers out there, check out their boutique down south and experience the magic Benefit has to offer!

Check out Benefit here:

Benefit Down South!


  1. First of all...I miss Alabang...sigh, hehe. Spent most of my life at the South and frequented ATC.

    Anyway, wow, you know I"m not really much of a makeup person but it must be the packaging of the products and how pretty the store looks in your pic that draws me to Benefit. I'm already thinking of buying Maybe Baby when I swing by their store. ;)

    1. Hello May!(: I love ATC! One of my favorite malls. You should drop by Benefit! For sure you will love their products!

  2. What I love the most is Benefit PORE fessional! :) just d best kaitykaits :) ☆

    1. Fwen!(: I also love Porefessional! But now I'm really addicted to Majorette! Try it!(: