Monday, September 15, 2014

BanKee's Toy Trade Show 2014

BanKee the leading toy distributor in our country invited me to their annual Toy Trade Show in Edsa Shangri la last September 5th.

What is a Toy Trade Show? I was also clueless and I had no idea what this event is all about. All I know is that there will be toys and my kids willsurely enjoy this day.

Upon arriving at Edsa Shang, we were asked to take our "heavy" merienda first.

Penne Pasta "My Way" (:

But knowing my 4 year old he can't keep his pants on whenever there are toys (especially cars) around! So we had to rush through our food and proceed to the other ballroom.

And this my friends is how a Toy Trade Show looks like...

Toys from different brands!




The Trade Show was meant to introduce the latest toys that will be out in time for Christmas 2014. Everyone was welcome to try them out and "road test" every product. There were people from different department stores and we were all given a list (per brand) as to what toys/products we'd like to order in time for the Yuletide season.

Cars, cars and more cars!

He found a playmate!

Playing with the "spidey" robot

People all busy inquiring and trying out different products

These are actually two products which caught my attention:

Topping Ice Cream Maker

A "manual" Ice Cream Maker! (it actually works!!)

SIDE STORY: This was actually BabyBoyToy's 1st "TV exposure"! Haha!(: He was chosen to test drive the crazy cart and play with other toys as they roll the camera. He was such a sport (WHEW!!)!

With Apples Jalandoni of Bandila

We (me, my sons and the hubby) all had fun that day. We spent the whole afternoon enjoying and exploring all the toys and the latest inventions in the room!

I can't wait for next year's Toy Trade Show! But for now, I gotta complete my Christmas List!(:

BanKee's Toy Trade Show 2014